Best Construction Companies in Pakistan 2024 - Listing
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Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

In the construction world, some of the best construction companies in Pakistan have changed the country’s architecture. These construction companies have set the standards, adding Pakistan to the world’s list for greatest of makers and inviting more tourists 

Best Construction Companies in Pakistan

Best Construction Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan has developed remarkable infrastructure in the last few decades, and with the best construction companies operating, innovation in the architecture is a continuous process. Here is the list of a few top construction companies in Pakistan: 

  • National Highway Authority (NHA) 
  • Water and Power Developmental Authority (WAPDA) 
  • Frontier Works Organization (FWO) 
  • National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) 
  • Habib Construction Services 
  • Pakistan Engineering Services (PES) 
  • Pakistan Engineering and Construction Company (PECC) 
  • Hassan Construction Services  
  • Astral Constructors (Pvt) Ltd. 
  • SKB Engineering and Construction 

National Highway Authority (NHA)

In 1991, the Act of Parliament for planning, development, operation, maintenance, and repair of National Highways, along with other strategic crucial roads, was awarded to the NHA by Federal or provincial government order.  

NHA has 39 national highways/motorways/expressways/
strategic routes, which are about 263,775 km in accumulation. These carry 85% of the country’s traffic, whilst N-5 carries 65% of the load and is the bloodline of the country. 

National Highway Authority

Water and Power Developmental Authority (WAPDA)

A self-sufficient legal body under the federal government’s managerial control, the Water and Power Developmental Authority (WAPDA) was developed in 1958 through the Act of Parliament. WAPDA is comprised of a chairman and three members (Water, Power, and Finance). 

In 2007, WAPDA was undone, and its elements were reclassified as Hydel Power Generation and Operation and Maintenance (O&M), forces to be reckoned with. Following the unbundling of its power wing, WAPDA is moving forward effectively with the advancements of water and hydropower assets.  


Frontier Works Organization (FWO)

FWO is amongst the adept and spirited companies capable of fashioning the cuttingedge and wondrous highways across the ups and downs of the mountains, like Karakoram Highway. FWO was set up on 31st October 1966 and has worked in distinguished fields to incorporate advancements in communications and transportation networks. 

National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK)

It was established in 1973 as a private restricted organisation to pool gifted specialists, independent design consultancy, and replace foreign advisors.  

Habib Construction Services

It is Pakistan’s best-growing and most regarded infrastructure development company and offers expertise on large real estate infrastructure project execution. It is highly motivated and delivers using international-level project management with strict quality, safety, and sustainability standards

Pakistan Engineering Services (PES)

It comprises a pool of designers and engineers engaged to give ingenious engineering solutions. PES offers expert opinions towards the development of society and is considered the world’s most regarded engineering, design, and project management consultancy 

Pakistan Engineering and Construction Company (PECC)

PECC is the amalgam of experienced individuals and subcontractors who see requirements for the client-driven public development organisation. It collected the prevalent workmanship norms and conveyed them in an ideal, proficient, and practical way.  

Hassan Construction Services

This is a Pakistan-based autonomous private construction firm with high qualifications and experience in the construction industry. It has multi-disciplinary developments, interior and exterior renovations, engineering subtlety works, and inside enrichment ventures.  

Astral Constructors (Pvt) Ltd.

This premium-class construction company, Kestral SPD Private Limited, provides engineering and construction services in Pakistan.  

Astral Constructors

SKB Engineering and Construction

This is an international-level engineering and construction company with diverse capabilities and interests. Saadullah Khan founded SKB in 1954 and started a splendid journey of success. Today, it is a highly respected company in Pakistan.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Jaffer Group is the oldest company with over 150 years of experience and distinction.  

National Highway Authority is given the authority to build, maintain, and spread new roads across the country, connecting and interlinking cities.  

N-5 is the longest road and is an important artery, starting from Karachi and extending to Lahore and Rawalpindi, carrying about 65% of the country’s traffic throughout the year. 

Final Words

There are myriads of the best construction companies in Pakistan working towards the betterment of the country. Today, there is a huge list of construction companies operating in Pakistan, working privately under government jurisdiction to develop the remarkable infrastructure in the country.  


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