Best Farmhouse in Karachi 2024 – Your Next Getaway Spot 

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Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Karachi houses most of Pakistan’s population. The city has become more of an industrial hub, situated across the Arabian Sea, resulting in significant trade and commerce. Where Karachiites always strive for a busy life, they also seek entertainment, beach, and signature foods on their weekends, bringing the spark to their lives.  

In our busy lives, sometimes we want a slight change in our daily activities to improve our mood. Luckily, some of Karachi’s best farmhouses can lift your spirits and leave you energetic for the whole next week.  

Farmhouses are trending as they provide refreshing air, ambience, and facilities that take you away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas and offer you a getaway from everyday routine activities for a change. Moreover, Park View Beach Resort does the same but more profoundly with beach and luxury standard deliverance from the stressing routine. 

Best FarmHouse In Karachi

Best Farmhouse in Karachi

From enjoying birthdays to having picnic parties, farmhouses are picking up the pace in offering a spacious-sized place to plan your events. We have listed a few luxury farmhouses in Karachi that you can book for your next event or getaway with friends.  

  • Shangrila Farmhouse 
  • Rani Empire Resort
  • Karachi Farmhouse 
  • Arabian Farmhouse in Karachi 
  • Al Siraj Farmhouse 
  • Durrani Farmhouse

Shangrila Farmhouse

Outlined with a contemporary touch, the Shangrila farmhouse will make you feel at home in a cutting-edge town. Based on the broad ground with open air and secured eating territories near the swimming pool, it is loaded with life and a loose environment, considering your interests.  

Best Farmhouse in Karachi

 A well-secured environment allows you to explore nature on its thrilling hiking trails.  

Rani Empire Resort

Composing of the luxury farmhouse in Karachi, Rani Empire Resort is designed to be posh and elegant. The rooms here feel like something straight out of a fancy magazine, with a fantastic swimming pool, making an ideal spot for a family get-together or a calm getaway with friends. You are treated here with gentleness and care, making you feel like royalty. 

Best Farm Houses

Karachi Farmhouse

Offering a super cool time, Karachi Farchi farmhouse is a magical oasis right in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle. It is filled with colourful flower gardens and extensive lawns, allowing you to play games like crickets, table tennis, and more.  

Karachi Farmhouse invites everyone for a designated BBQ family gathering and serves as the perfect outdoor gathering, giving a refreshing dip with a mesmerising swimming pool.  

Arabian Farmhouse

Like stepping into the fairytale, Arabia Farmhouse is designed fancy, and its Arabian-style interiors are so cosy that you would love to stay here forever. With a sparkling pool and dedicated BBQ area, it provides a perfect getaway into an enchanting escape from everyday life. 

Located in Gadap Town, Karachi, Arabian Farmhouse is gaining popularity daily and is catering to provide standard services for any of your occasions.  

Al Siraj Farmhouse

Among the best farmhouses Karachi, A Siraj holds its head high in providing excellent services to the masses and making your time memorable. Divided into VIP and Deluxe services, it offers everything needed for your getaway or quality family time.  

Best Farm Houses in Karachi 2024

Filled with experienced staff, this farmhouse responds as quickly as possible, as could be expected under the circumstances.  

Durrani Farmhouse

With majestic grand architecture, giving a regal experience, Durrani Farmhouse is like a dream come true. Giving you an unforgettable journey with a horse-riding experience and a bonfire under the starry nights and creating cherished memories with your loved one, Durrani Farmhouse has a secure environment and scenic gardens, enabling you to embrace nature on your strolls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Shangrila Farmhouse is the best, and its price is about 40,000 pkr, which is very reasonable for every user 

Karachi farmhouse is the best bet for picnics. They charge around 40 to 75k pkr and offer a blasting experience for your loved one. 

The outskirts like Gadap Town, superhighways, Northern Bypass, and even the area around the DHA city are considered popular areas for farmhouses in Karachi. 

Farmhouses offer a nice getaway from strenuous routine activities. They are also the best choice for celebrating events or organising a theme party for your loved ones.  

Legend Properties partners and works closely with many housing projects, promoting various offers and discounts. The firm offers a stress-free and collaborative service, making your favourite farmhouse booking effortless. For more information, contact us! 

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