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Picture of Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

From enjoying an exotic experience to exploring traditions and cultures, farmhouses have been the newest trend for event spaces. It is no surprise, as Pakistan aims to retain cultural inheritance whilst paving the way for modernisation, and with that comes the heightened demand for luxury and top-notch experiences. 

Almost all the best farmhouses in Lahore have every feature available, whether for a birthday party or a wedding ceremony. Farmhouses offer no restriction on space and allow you to enjoy the luxurious, exotic, and cultural amalgam for any of your events or celebrations.  

Best FarmHouse In Lahore

Best Farmhouse in Lahore

With the rising popularity of farmhouses throughout the country, everyone wants to experience the majestic feeling of these grand, spacious event spaces that offer unrestricted and serendipitous event management. Here are a few of the best options for a farmhouse in Lahore for events you can rent or book. 

  • Marina Farmhouse 
  • Hill View Garden Farmhouse 
  • Talia Farmhouse 
  • Grand Orchid 
  • Sadiq Farmhouse 
  • Abdullah Farmhouse 

Marina Farmhouse

Located on Canal Road, just 2.0 km from Thokar Chowk, Marina Farmhouse is amazingly modern and spacious, making your events memorable. It has a 500-car parking capacity and is built over 114,000 square feet. Marina Farmhouse is sure to make your event remarkable.

Hill View Garden Farmhouse

Marina Farmhouse

On Karmanwala Stop, Barki Road, near DHA, Hill View Garden presents a spacious farmhouse for weddings, parties, barbecues, celebrations, training, and photoshoots. With a D-shaped pool and a relaxing gazebo, there is a separate place for BBQ angled towards the farmhouse’s majestic garden. 

Payment For the Property

After verifying the legal status of the property you are interested in, pay for it after negotiating your price. In Pakistan, the common method of payment is cash.

Talia Farmhouse

Based on the 8 Kanal Area, Talia farmhouse is located on Lasani Road adjacent to Eden Park Gate. It offers a memorable, fun-filled, serene environment. Talia Farmhouse has a capacity of up to 600 guests, with ample parking and a lush green area. This farmhouse for rent per day comes at 80,000 PKR. 

Grand Orchid

With white tomb architecture and royalty vibes, Grand Orchid has hosted a variety of celebrity shoots for magazines. Cooperative management caters to customers every step of the way, making the overall event a memorable experience of a lifetime.  

Grand Orchid Farmhouse is in Dubai Town near Raiwind Road, Lahore.  

Grand Orchid ​

Sadiq Farmhouse

Located on Bedian Road, Sadiq Farmhouse welcomes everyone looking to celebrate weddings, birthdays, or any get-together. The farmhouse is spread over 14 Kanals of lush green lawn; it has a 1.5 kanal shed with a mesmerising interior worthy of a lavish photoshoot.  

Sadiq Farmhouse ​

Abdullah Farmhouse

With luxurious amenities and beautiful gardens, Abdullah Farmhouse is in the posh area of Lahore, DHA Phase 5, making it an even more attractive and serendipitous destination for visitors and a perfect escape from routine activities.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Grand Orchid, located on the Raiwind, is among the best farmhouses in Lahore. It offers all the modern life amenities to its guests. 

The rent per day of a farmhouse is 30,000 PKR, whether for an event or picnic party.

Most of the farmhouses in Lahore are located on the Bedian Road. 

In recent days, the trend has shifted to celebrating the events at farmhouses, and it is no surprise, as you get to book the venue for the whole day with ample space and annexes for anyone looking to make their day memorable.  

Legend Properties is an exclusive partner of many housing projects, having access to several farmhouses and other celebratory event spaces. If you want to arrange a booking with a farmhouse, contact us for more information! 

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