Best places to live in Australia for families 

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Australia is more than just a country; it blends diverse landscapes and lifestyles, offering everything from sun-kissed beaches and lush rainforests to bustling cities. Finding the best place for families to live in Australia can be daunting. 

In this blog, we have simplified the search by showcasing Australia’s top family-friendly places and highlighting regions catering to a dynamic and enriching lifestyle for all ages. Whether you’re drawn to the cultural vibrancy of city life or the tranquil beauty of nature, Australia has a place that feels like home for every family. 

Best places to live in Australia for families

Best Places to Live in Australia for Families

Australia has become one of the favourite places for families to live in recent years, with its abundant facilities for residents. We have compiled the best places for families to live in Australia. 


Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital, is celebrated for its rich multicultural atmosphere. It has earned the title of the world’s most liveable city for seven consecutive years. Its food scene reflects this diversity, boasting world-class cafes and restaurants that offer flavours from across the globe, including what locals claim is the world’s best coffee. 


Its unique vibe is further highlighted by its status as the hipster capital, with quirky venues like the Easey St. Smoke Out blending BBQ with a motorcycle workshop and gallery space.  

Anyone moving to Melbourne can expect a welcoming community, vibrant nightlife, thrilling sports, lively music, and exceptional dining, all balanced with a laid-back atmosphere. Melbourne is a city that promises a blend of culture, cuisine, and sports, making it a perfect place for anyone looking for a dynamic yet relaxed lifestyle. 


Often overshadowed by its more prominent siblings, Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is a hidden gem that’s bursting with surprises. Known for its jacaranda-lined streets, such as the picturesque Allinga Street in Glenside, Adelaide combines beautiful weather, affordable living, and a variety of activities that appeal to all ages. It’s a family-friendly city that offers a country feel with the convenience of urban life but without the sky-high costs. Adelaideans enjoy the luxury of space, with a housing market favouring detached homes, offering plenty of room to move. 

Foodies and art enthusiasts will feel right at home in Adelaide, thanks to its lively culinary scene and rich arts culture, with the annual Adelaide Fringe Festival being a major highlight. Those who love the outdoors will find plenty to do, from hiking to surfing. The perks of Adelaide life include a mix of rural charm, beachside leisure, and urban convenience. It’s a city that boasts an exceptional work-life balance and is a stone’s throw from the famous Barossa Valley, perfect for wine aficionados. 

However, living in Adelaide isn’t without its challenges. The job market can be tough, especially for unskilled work, and the city’s compact size might not suit everyone, with fewer shopping and business options. The public transport system also leaves room for improvement, and domestic flights can be pricey. 

In essence, Adelaide offers a diverse lifestyle that caters to both city lovers and nature enthusiasts. Despite some downsides, its unique charm and relaxed atmosphere make it a strong contender for one of Australia’s most liveable cities. 


Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, is a hidden gem offering affordable living amidst stunning natural beauty. Contrary to common myths, it boasts a harmonious community, not eccentricities. Its landscape is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with attractions like Horseshoe waterfalls and pristine beaches.  

Hobart’s relaxed pace of life, vibrant arts scene, and burgeoning culinary scene make it appealing despite a competitive job market and chilly winters. With its family-friendly environment, short commutes, excellent schools, and safety, Hobart represents an ideal lifestyle for those seeking tranquillity and community connection. 


Sydney, Australia’s largest city, offers a dynamic mix of career opportunities, educational excellence, and a lifestyle that’s hard to beat. The city boasts a low unemployment rate, making it a promising destination for job seekers and top-tier institutions for international students. Sydney’s infrastructure connects its diverse suburbs seamlessly, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge linking the city centre to the affluent North Shore, and its public transport offers an efficient alternative to navigate the city’s busy roads. 


Sports fans are in for a treat with Sydney’s world-class stadiums hosting regular sporting events. However, it’s worth noting that Sydney’s cost of living is high, with housing and daily expenses being significantly higher than in other parts of the world, and traffic can be challenging during peak hours. 

In summary, Sydney promises an enriching experience for all, drawing visitors and residents alike with its natural beauty, vibrant city life, and endless opportunities.


Perth, a laid-back city on Australia’s west coast, enjoys a Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches. It’s a green city with plenty of parks and offers a variety of cultural and outdoor activities without the hustle of bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The quality of life is high, with warm weather, affordable living, and welcoming neighbourhoods like East Perth. Therefore, the best place in Perth Australia to live for families. 

A significant draw is Perth’s large expat community, particularly from the UK and South Africa, which helps newcomers settle in. The city offers a healthy lifestyle with its natural beauty and a lower cost of living compared to other major Australian cities. However, its slower pace, the limited job market post-mining boom, and its isolation from other major cities are downsides to consider.


Brighton, located in Tasmania, is perfect for families looking for a peaceful and picturesque lifestyle. It is known for its tranquil environment and stunning natural landscapes, and plenty of parks and recreational areas make it ideal for outdoor activities and family picnics. The suburb boasts high safety standards, and the cost of living is affordable, making it possible for families to own comfortable homes without excessive financial strain. 

However, Brighton’s isolated location means limited employment opportunities, especially in specialized sectors. Although healthcare facilities and schools are adequate, they are not as comprehensive as those in larger cities. Moreover, the suburb has a smaller selection of retail and dining options, sufficient for basic needs. 

Brighton best suits families prioritising safety, natural beauty, and a quiet lifestyle. It is perfect for those who are self-sufficient in employment or don’t mind travelling for work and leisure; thus, it is the best place for Indian families to live in Australia.  


Hawthorn is located in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, providing a perfect blend of luxurious living and cultural diversity. It is a hub of educational and employment excellence and home to some of the state’s best schools and healthcare facilities, making it an ideal residential location for families who prioritise these aspects.  

Hawthorn also offers diverse employment opportunities, especially in the professional and academic sectors. Its vibrant retail and dining scene caters to various tastes and preferences, making it the best place to live in Australia for Muslim families. 

However, due to its popularity and location, Hawthorn faces some challenges. The cost of living, especially housing, is high, which might be a barrier for some families. Moreover, the suburb can experience heavy traffic, particularly during peak hours. 

In short, Hawthorn is a perfect choice for families seeking a high standard of living with access to top-tier schools and healthcare. It is best suited for those who can navigate the higher costs associated with its affluent lifestyle and are prepared to deal with the busy traffic conditions. 

St Lucia

St Lucia is a suburb known for its proximity to the University of Queensland. It is a hub of academic and research excellence, making it an ideal location for families with a strong focus on education. The suburb offers some of the best educational opportunities in the country. Healthcare facilities are top-notch, with a vibrant community atmosphere with plenty of amenities. Additionally, parks and recreational areas are plentiful, offering diverse outdoor activities. 

However, St Lucia’s popularity has led to a competitive housing market with relatively high property prices. Traffic congestion can also be an issue, particularly during university semesters. 

St Lucia is perfect for families who value education and a dynamic, intellectually stimulating environment. It is well-suited for those involved in academia or who enjoy being part of a lively and educated community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sydney is great for vibrant city life with iconic landmarks and beaches, while Melbourne is known for arts, cafes, and sports, catering to a diverse community. 

Tasmania and Adelaide are known for their affordability. They offer lower housing costs and a more balanced lifestyle than larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. 

Several Australian locations are notable for safety and quality of life, including Canberra for its public services and job market, Adelaide for its relaxed lifestyle, Hobart for its natural surroundings, Sunshine Coast for its beaches, and Melbourne and Sydney for their effective law enforcement in suburban areas. 

Final words

In summary, choosing the best place to live in Australia for families depends on various factors, including lifestyle preferences, job opportunities, educational needs, and affordability. From Melbourne’s vibrant cultural life to Hobart’s serene beauty, Australia offers a diverse range of environments that cater to every family’s unique needs. Each city boasts its own set of advantages, from exceptional educational facilities and job prospects to stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural experiences.  

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