Best Places to Live in UK For Families
-Top Cities for Your Loved Ones

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Written by: Souman Masood
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If you’re searching for the best places in the UK for families, you’re in luck! In this blog, we’re diving into the top 10 family-friendly places across the UK. This vibrant, multicultural nation has so much to offer, whether you’re craving the lively buzz of city life or the tranquil beauty of the countryside.  

The UK is home to thriving communities and celebrates a rich tapestry of cultural festivals, making it a fantastic place to start a new chapter of your life without losing touch with your roots. Join us as we explore these wonderful destinations! 

Best Places to Live in UK For Families

What Should You Look for In the Best Cities In the United Kingdom To Live In?

Choosing a new place to live is a big decision, and there’s a lot to consider. Here are some key factors that can help guide your choice: 

  • Quality Education – Whether it’s for you or your family, access to top-notch education is crucial. 
  • Affordable Housing – Finding a place that feels like home without breaking the bank is important. 
  • Excellent Healthcare Facilities – Good health is priceless, and being near reliable  healthcare gives peace of mind. 
  • A Welcoming Community – Settling in is so much easier when friendly faces surround you.

When it comes to vibrant city life mixed with multicultural vibes and abundant job opportunities, London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds are the places to be. They’re bustling with energy and diversity, offering something for everyone. 

For those who lean towards a quieter life but still want the convenience of city access, Reading, Berkshire, and Surrey are gems not to be missed. These areas boast serene landscapes and a relaxed pace of life whilst keeping you connected to the hustle and bustle. 

Let’s not forget that there are plenty of other cities across the UK that provide a fantastic backdrop for building a life, thanks to their welcoming communities and quality living environments. 

Finding the best places to live in the UK with family comes down to what matters most to you. Whether it’s the buzz of a city or the tranquillity of the countryside, there’s a perfect place for everyone here. 

What Makes the United Kingdom Unique?

England is just one piece of the U.K. puzzle, alongside Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and a few charming smaller islands. While English is the main language, you’ll also hear Welsh, Scots, Ullans, Gaelic, Irish, Cornish, and Manx in various corners of the U.K. It’s quite the mix! 

The way English is spoken can vary wildly across the U.K., too—so much so that someone from Glasgow might scratch their head talking to someone from Cornwall! Whilst embracing the diversity, and you’ll find joy in the myriad accents and dialects. 

As for the weather, the U.K. is famous for its mild but often cloudy and drizzly climate, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. Summers are cool, winters are mild, and extreme temperatures are rare. So, if you’re moving to the U.K., pack a good raincoat rather than beachwear and prepare for an adventure in this unique and diverse country! 

Identifying the Top Cities in the United Kingdom

Finding the best places to live in the United Kingdom depends on your needs and interests. Whether you’re after a booming tech scene, a family-friendly environment, a peaceful retirement spot, or a city bursting with culture, there’s something for everyone.  

To create our top 10 list, we focused on cities popular among expats. We evaluated them based on cost of living, safety, employment opportunities, healthcare, and other quality of life factors like cultural sites, internet speed, education quality, pollution levels, sunshine, green spaces, and walkability.  

We gathered data from reliable sources, including government stats, Numbeo for the cost of living and safety, and studies from UNESCO and Citybase Apartments for cultural and historical insights. After crunching the numbers, we’ve narrowed it down to the UK’s 10 best cities to call home. 

The 10 Best Places to Live in the UK for Families 2024

After taking a closer look at the data, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best cities to live in the UK for families. Depending on what you value most, you might find certain cities more appealing than others based on their strengths. 

Let’s look at the best places to live in UK for families and find you the one you are looking for. 


This awesome city is known for a bunch of cool stuff. Manchester is where the first industrial revolution kicked off, and it’s the birthplace of the first programmable computer, thanks to genius Alan Turing.  

But if you’re into football or music, Manchester is the place to be. It’s home to Manchester United, the first pro football club in the U.K., and has given us legendary bands like Oasis and The Smiths.  


Manchester is a goldmine for anyone looking to kickstart their career because of its booming job market and affordable living costs compared to London. The only downsides? Health care and safety could be better but don’t worry, it’s still safe, especially compared to many cities in the States. 


A charming coastal town in Scotland, also known as the “Granite City,” is famous for its stunning Victorian architecture and vibrant street art scene, thanks to the Nuart Aberdeen festival. Despite its northern location, Aberdeen enjoys mild summers, cool, rainy winters, and long summer days lasting up to 18 hours. Surrounded by nature and home to 263 castles, it’s a haven for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Once a hub for textiles, fishing, and shipbuilding, Aberdeen’s economy now thrives on offshore oil, contributing to low unemployment and making it an attractive place with a relatively low cost of living. The city is also celebrated for its safety, excellent healthcare, green spaces, and top-notch educational institutions, attracting students and families looking for a high quality of life in a picturesque setting. 


Nestled just west of London, across the River Severn from Wales, Bristol is a vibrant port city buzzing with creativity in media, electronics, and aerospace. It’s a cosy middle-ranker in terms of jobs, safety, and healthcare, but it shines with its abundance of green spaces, cultural richness, and ease of getting around on foot. Bristol has been crowned Britain’s best city to live in not once but twice in recent years and even snagged the European Green Capital Award in 2015. Thanks to its mild climate and sunny disposition, it’s one of England’s warmest cities, making it a pretty sweet spot to call home. 

Bristol serves as the doorway to the stunning landscapes of Southwest Britain, yet it protects its charm with the Avon Green Belt, keeping urban sprawl at bay. Venture a little outside, and you’re greeted by endless countryside. The city itself is a haven for arts and culture lovers, boasting its version of the Old Vic theatre, street art by the infamous Banksy, and a film scene so vibrant it’s recognised as a UNESCO City of Film. 


Oxford, a quaint city with over 150,000 people, is famed for its prestigious and ancient university, often called the City of Dreaming Spires, and its breathtaking architecture spanning from the Saxon era to contemporary times.  


Beyond its traditional educational and publishing sectors, Oxford has seen rapid growth in information technology and science industries. It has a well-established car manufacturing sector dating back to Morris Motors in 1910. It ranks highly for safety and walkability, with extensive pedestrian zones and numerous parks and nature reserves. Despite its 28 surrounding nature reserves and a green belt that checks urban sprawl, these features contribute to Oxford’s slightly elevated cost of living. 


London might not be the ultimate must-visit spot in the UK anymore, but it’s still pretty awesome for many reasons. Thanks to the UK’s most diverse population, it’s a melting pot of cultures. This city is buzzing with job opportunities and top-notch schools, not to mention it’s steeped in history, boasting four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Keeping pace with big names like Paris, New York, and Tokyo, London is a bit pricey but offers a slice of world-class living. While it has its safety challenges, it ranks better than some other UK cities.  

Living in London means soaking up its rich history, from Roman times to royal events, enjoying its vibrant multicultural vibe, exploring top universities, indulging in high fashion, savouring amazing food, catching endless theatre shows, benefiting from excellent public transport, and admiring some seriously beautiful architecture. Ranked sixth, London is still a top pick for a great place to live in the UK.


Southampton is a charming port city on England’s southern coast, known for its rich maritime history. It’s where the RMS Titanic famously set sail, but today, it’s buzzing with a vibrant culture, including the cool Sea City Museum and the annual Southampton Boat Show. The city enjoys a lovely, sunny climate and is way more affordable than London; it’s super close if you fancy a quick trip to the capital. There’s also easy access to the beautiful Isle of Wight for a quick getaway. 

But there’s no shortage of things to do right in Southampton! From exploring the longest stretch of medieval walls in England to checking out the Tudor House Museum, there’s lots of history. The city also boasts a fantastic theatre, art galleries, and the nearby New Forest National Park for outdoor adventures. Plus, it’s a great spot for families, thanks to its top-notch schools. In short, Southampton’s got a little something for everyone! 


Cambridge is a charming little city about 60 miles from London. It is famous for its prestigious university. It’s got a more university-town vibe compared to the more urban Oxford, with stunning architecture dating back to the 13th century that pretty much makes the city. It’s a vibrant place, thanks to the student crowd and a super smart workforce.  

In fact, over 40% of people working there have higher education degrees, which is way above the national average. This brainy population fuels a thriving job market, especially in software and bioscience, making Cambridge a hotspot for startups and earning it the nickname Silicon Fen. 

It’s also a safe and walkable city, rich in history and culture. Thanks to many museums, theatres, galleries, and historic sites, it even topped a survey for its cultural scene. Cambridge is something special! 


Glasgow, located to the west of Edinburgh along the River Clyde, is Scotland’s biggest and liveliest city and ranks fourth across the UK. It’s a hub for industries, job opportunities, arts, green spaces, culture, and sports. Not to mention, it’s the heart of Gaelic language and culture outside the Scottish Highlands. 

Much like Manchester, Glasgow has a rich industrial heritage, attracting thousands with its shipbuilding, engineering, and manufacturing jobs. These days, it’s also thriving in sectors like finance, creative services, healthcare, software, and biotech. If there’s something innovative happening in the job world, chances are it’s happening in Glasgow. 

Glasgow’s music scene is booming too, earning it the title of UNESCO City of Music in 2008. But the city’s cultural offerings don’t stop there. From opera to ballet, theatre, museums, and vibrant nightlife, Glasgow’s got it all.  


Birmingham might just be the UK’s best-kept secret! It’s surprisingly ranked high among cities for those looking for a vibrant city life without London’s price tag. Not only is it more affordable, but it also has all the perks of living in a big city — fantastic healthcare, lush green spaces, easy to get around on foot or by public transport and loads of great schools.  

It’s rich in culture, with an impressive number of canals (even more than Venice), top-notch restaurants, and a history steeped in music and literature. Bands like Black Sabbath and iconic writers like J.R.R. Tolkien have roots here. While it’s noted for being less safe in certain areas, the city is generally welcoming to expats and foreigners.  

Its central location with a handy international airport makes exploring the UK and Europe a breeze. Birmingham is truly a gem for those wanting to experience the UK in a new light and one of the best cities to live in UK for families. 


Edinburgh is the place to be in the UK! It’s not just us saying it – this stunning city has scooped the top spot on our list of the best places to live in Europe, too. Why? Well, for starters, it’s got beauty and brains. Think gorgeous architecture, vibrant cultural festivals, and a cosy big-city-meets-small-town feel. It’s affordable, there’s plenty of work, healthcare is top-notch, and it’s super safe. Plus, it’s got green spaces galore, UNESCO heritage sites, and, yes, amazing whisky. 

For those moving for work, Edinburgh’s economy is booming, only second to London, but living costs are way lower. Safety and healthcare are second to none. And if you’re all about culture, history, or just pure adventure, Edinburgh won’t disappoint. Breathe in that clean air, explore the green belt, or hike up Arthur’s Seat for some stunning views. Don’t forget the iconic Edinburgh Castle and the city’s rich literary history, recognised by UNESCO. 

If you’re here in August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an absolute must – it’s a whole month of fantastic indie performances across the city.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Waltham Forest stands out as the leading family-friendly borough in London and by extension, the UK. It impresses with its security, boasting one of the lowest crime and burglary rates nationwide—82 incidents of crime and 3.2 instances of burglary per 1,000 inhabitants. 

Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city, is nestled in the heart of England and consistently ranks among the top places to live. Additionally, Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is celebrated for its rich history and sophisticated charm, making it another top choice for residents.

The East of England and the Southwest have the highest child-rearing satisfaction, at 85% and 83%, according to our survey. The Northeast had the lowest at 69%. Carlisle stood out with a 100% satisfaction rate. 


The UK’s cities offer a diverse range of options for families seeking a new home, each with its own unique charm and benefits. Finding the best places to live in UK for family that matches your needs can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Legend Properties stands ready to assist you in navigating the UK’s real estate landscape, ensuring you find the perfect home in the perfect city. Let us help you settle into your dream home and start a new chapter in the UK. Contact us today to begin your journey. 

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