The Best Property Investment in Islamabad on Installment 2023

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Written by: Souman Masood
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Islamabad, with its influx of residents from rural areas for better living and career opportunities, has become one of Pakistan’s sources of pride, especially in the aspect of investment. This capital city of Pakistan boasts of high standards of living and return on investment compared to other cities, making it one of the best sectors in Islamabad.

The increasing population means more demand for Islamabad housing societies, and this year has seen a dramatic rise in residential properties’ value, according to investment analysis, drawing more investors into the investment sector. This article serves as a further guide to the best property investment in Islamabad. 

the best property investment in islamabad on installment

List of Best Properties to Invest in Islamabad Available for Installments

For more Islamabad housing society options, check out our list of housing societies in Islamabad on installments. Here are more of the new societies in Islamabad that investors should consider too:

Saffron City Islamabad

Developed by the Saadullah Khan & Brothers (SKB), Saffron City ranks as the best society in Islamabad when it comes to ROI, quality of infrastructure, and standard of living. The whole real estate project spans 15,000 Kanals. Overall, Saffron City aims to be the most low cost housing scheme in Islamabad without compromising on quality. 

Whilst waiting for NOC approval, the project is being developed at a fast pace. Booking is now in full swing. Investors consider this society as the best place to live in Islamabad not only for its luxury and affordability but also because of its accessibility to the twin cities Rawalpindi-Islamabad.

Saffron City is situated at GT Road near Bahria Town, Rawat, Giga Mall, New Metro City Gujar Khan, DHA housing project, Rawalpindi Ring Road, Bahria Enclave, and T-Chowk, the accessibility adding to its reputation as the best society in Islamabad. This new housing scheme in Islamabad offers 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal houses with the following payment plan:

Plot Size Total Price 10% Confirmation Rate 30 Monthly Installments Possession Charges Booking Rate 6 Bi-Annual Installments
5 Marla 2,550,000 255,000 29,750 255,000 255,000 148,750
10 Marla 4,500,000 450,000 52,550 450,000 450,000 262,500
1 Kanal 8,500,000 850,000 99,167 850,000 850,000 495,833

Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is led by the Sardar Group of Companies that had set the bar for luxury in the Pakistan real estate market. The group aims for world-class standards and royal luxury. These posh areas of Islamabad span a total of 10,000 Kanals and have already obtained NOC approval. 

This housing society Pakistan is located near CDA Sector I-14 Islamabad with access points including CBR Town Phase 2, New Islamabad International Airport, UpCountry Enclosures, Khayaban-e-Kashmir Society, Centaurus Mall, and Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital. 

Taj Residencia is divided into blocks from A to D. Residential plots available for 1-year installments are as follows:

Size Total Price Downpayment 30% 4 Quarterly Installments
5 Marla 7,500,000 2,250,000 1,312,500
8 Marla 9,000,000 2,700,000 1,575,000
10 Marla 11,500,000 3,450,000 2,012,500
14 Marla 15,000,000 4,500,000 2,625,000
1 Kanal 20,000,000 6,000,000 3,500,000
1.3 Kanal 28,500,000 8,550,000 4,987,500
2 Kanal 35,000,000 10,500,000 6,125,000

Silver City Islamabad

Silver City Housing Society in Islamabad is developed by Laraib Associate & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and SAREMCO Group, spanning a total of 15,000 Kanals with a secure gated community. It has already obtained its NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and also aims to combine both luxury and affordability. 

This Islamabad society is located at Girja Road Rawalpindi near Thalian Interchange with access points to several transportation infrastructure, including Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, Srinagar Highway, M-1 Motorway, Rawalpindi-Kohat Road, and Islamabad International Airport. It boasts a panoramic view of the Margalla Hills, making it one of the best places to live in Islamabad.

It offers three sectors for residential plots—A, B, and C. Sizes include 4 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Available residential plots payment plan is currently as follows:

Size Total Price Booking 48 Monthly Installments Annual 4 Installments
5 Marla 2,750,000 415,000 1,440,000 480,000
10 Marla 5,350,000 800,000 2,880,000 870,000
1 Kanal 10,350,000 1,550,000 5,760,000 1,490,000

Silver City also offers villas with luxury floor. Payment plan is as follows:

Size Total Price Booking Q7 Quarterly Installments Possession 15%
5 Marla Single Storey 6,318,100 947,715 496,422 947,715
5 Marla Double Storey 9,967,400 1,495,110 783,153 1,495,110

Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad is the first flagship development of Bahria Town Group, owned by Malik Riaz Hussain. Mr Malik Riaz owns all Bahria Town projects throughout Pakistan who made it to the name of Islamabad Society names for introducing modern housing societies and towns in Islamabad and all over Asia. 

Bahria Town’s top-notch amenities and accessibility to other prominent infrastructures make it the best property investment in Islamabad, although it is way more expensive than other middle class areas in Islamabad.

Bahria Town Islamabad was officially endorsed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on July 5th, 2001. This community has been granted a NOC (No Objection Certificate) due to its reputable and efficient track record in previous residential areas in Islamabad projects. The approval for NOC has been granted for almost all phases of its society.

It spans a total of 761.20 Kanal and is located near Rawalpindi and Jinnah Avenue in zone IV of Islamabad with transportation access points including Chak Shahzad, the Park Road, Kuri Road, Lehtrar Road, Kashmir Highway, Giga Mall, and Islamabad Highway. Landmarks near this society are DHA, Park View City, and Bahria Enclave, making it one of the best societies in Islamabad. 

Some Bahria Town housing society in Islamabad and other cities offer installments with the following prices:

Phase Size Starting Price
Phase 1 to 6 10 Marla 250,00,000
Phase 1 to 6 20 Marla 3,50,00,000
Phase 7 10 Marla 200,00,000
Phase 7 20 Marla 3,50,00,000
Phase 8 5 Marla 45,00,000
Phase 8 8 Marla 60,00,000
Phase 8 10 Marla 80,00,000
Phase 8 20 Marla 100,00,000
House Phase 1 to 6 10 Marla (Double Story) 3,50,00,000
House Phase 1 to 6 20 Marla (Double Story) 2,50,00,000

Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave is one of the new housing societies in Islamabad jointly developed by RMRSCO and NESPAK, which is not yet NOC-approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. However, since these developers have had several successful projects behind them, this project is one of the Islamabad housing societies that offers promising handsome returns.  It spans more than 18,000 Kanal, expected to extend in the future. 

The housing society is situated in close proximity to Adyala Road. It is nestled between Khasala and Jawa Lake, which enhances the water supply by connecting the underground channels from the lakes to the society. Its advantageous position makes it the best housing society in Islamabad, being conveniently located near public transportation, Bahria Phase 8, Rawat-Chakbeli Road, Islamabad International Airport, Swan River, Chakri Road, Dhamial Road, and even Capital Smart City.

Rudn Enclave’s residential plots are called General Blocks, available from A to G with the new payment plan as follows:

Size Total Price Booking 15% 48 Monthly Installments Possession 10%
5 Marla 1,200,000 180,000 17,500 120,000
7 Marla 1,560,000 253,400 22,750 156,000
10 Marla 2,165,000 324,750 31,572 216,500
14 Marla 3,500,000 700,000 51,041 350,000
1 Kanal 3,528,000 529,200 51,450 352,800

Nova City

Nova City Islamabad was developed by Nova Group, with Mr Chaudhry Junaid Afzal as the chairman and owner. This ambitious project has successfully obtained the necessary NOC, highlighting its compliance with regulatory requirements and making it the best housing society in Islamabad. Spanning over 10,000 Kanals and still widening, Nova City encompasses a significant total land size.

Nova City Developers have diligently crafted this community to be the best residential area in Islamabad, ensuring the provision of modern amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a well-planned layout, and promising ROI. The project’s strategic location offers easy access to key areas, facilitating convenience for residents and enhancing the overall appeal of Nova City as one of the premier housing societies in Islamabad.

This society in the city of Islamabad is particularly near the CPEC route, Rawalpindi Ring Road, CPEC-Ring Road Interchange, Kanial, Bango, Dhok Korak, N-80 Qutbal, M-2 Motorway, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad International Airport. Nova City offers a range of available plots to cater to diverse preferences. Its available residential plots that offer 4-year installments are as follows:

Size Total Price Booking 40 Monthly Installments 8 Half-Yearly Installments Possession
5 Marla 2,750,000 295,000 18,950 79,000 770,000
8 Marla 4,040,000 405,000 20,870 158,000 1,131,000
10 Marla 5,000,000 500,000 25,000 200,000 1,400,000
14 Marla 6,750,000 712,500 30,875 275,000 1,890,000
1 Kanal 9,960,000 980,000 43,800 400,000 2,688,000

Mivida City Islamabad

Mivida City Islamabad is jointly developed by Mivida Developments (Pvt) Limited, Meinhardt Group Singapore, and Maxim Investment Group Egypt and spans a total area of almost 7,000 Kanal. It is one of the housing schemes in Islamabad still waiting for NOC but at a fast-paced development.

This is one of the housing societies Islamabad that is conveniently located near Chakri Road, M-2 Motorway, M-1 Motorway, Adiyala Road, Srinagar Highway, Rawat-Chakbeli Road, Rawalpindi-Kohat Road, and the New Islamabad International Airport. 

It is also near other societies in Islamabad and prominent landmarks, including Khanial Homes, Blue World City, Capital Smart City, Jarrar Homes, Al-Haram City, Chakri Interchange, Thalian Interchange, Discovery Garden Islamabad, and Fatima Jinnah Women University. 

The payment plan for General Block residential plots is as follows:

Size Total Price Booking 14 Quarterly Installments On Possession
5.5 Marla 1,699,000 255,000 75,000 139,000
8 Marla 2,999,000 345,000 100,000 209,000
10 Marla 2,799,000 420,000 125,000 209,000
14 Marla 3,499,000 525,000 150,000 349,000
20 Marla 5,999,000 900,000 255,000 629,000
40 Marla 11,999,000 1,800,000 515,000 1,189,000

Overseas Block residential plots, on the other hand, offer 3.5 years payment schedule, which is as follows:

Size Total Price Booking 14 Quarterly Installments On Possession
4.5 Marla 1,250,000 187,500 53,000 133,000
8 Marla 2,099,000 315,000 89,000 223,000
10 Marla 2,499,000 375,000 107,000 251,000
20 Marla 4,749,000 712,000 203,000 483,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Rudn Enclave has introduced Rudn Advance Installment Vouchers (RAIV) that customers can apply to their installments at their full value, allowing them to save up to 20% on their scheduled payments. 

Using Rudn Discount Vouchers is a straightforward process, unlike other Islamabad societies. Customers need to purchase verified RAIV forms from the market, accurately fill them out with their file details, and submit them at the Rudn Enclave Head Office to receive an updated statement. 

RAIV discount vouchers can be utilised in the Executive & H blocks for up to 75% of the plot value, and in the General Block for up to 50% of the plot value. 

Nova City has implemented a process where Nova Peshawar Forms and open/closed files of Nova City can be merged into active files. To initiate the merging, a nominal fee is charged by the society at the time of submission, and the full paid amount of a file is transferred and adjusted into the active file. 

Specifically, each Nova Peshawar Form can be adjusted at a rate of PKR 20,000 per form, while the paid amount of merged files is seamlessly incorporated and adjusted within the active files. 

To pay installments for Nova City, customers must adhere to the following procedure: 

  • Purchase a verified form or open file from the market at a discounted price, typically around 25% to 30% lower than the original value. 
  • If available, closed files can also be purchased for merging, provided the file owner is accessible. 
  • Visit the Merging Counter at the Nova Head Office. 
  • Complete the merging form by providing the necessary details of the file to be merged and the file into which it will be merged. 
  • Pay the merging fee and submit the file or form. 
  • Receive a computerized receipt for the merging process, indicating the successful completion of the transaction. 

How Legend Properties Can Help

Real estate is the best sector in Islamabad as it promises a high return on investments, but it may not be the case for new investors who do not know how to properly research and navigate the market. Legend Properties, a trusted real estate agency in Islamabad and throughout the country, is renowned for guiding clients toward getting the best property investment in Islamabad. Reach us today!


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