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Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Regarding property, a few of the best real estate companies in Pakistan succeed in providing you with the finest options in the country. Whether purchasing for residential purposes, buying and selling, or renting, these companies can guide you to the most lucrative investment opportunities.  

The reputable companies we have listed here have the most experienced staff, resources, and expertise to transform your aspirations into reality in a competitive market. Under their guidance and support, knowing that you have a trusted ally, navigating the complex real estate landscape is easy.  

Best Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

10 Best Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

We have listed the top 10 real estate companies in Pakistan that can help you make informed decisions once you plan to invest in real estate: 

  • Zameen 
  • Graana 
  • Al Safa Group 
  • Agency 21 
  • Estate Land Marketing 
  • Star Marketing 
  • Sky Marketing 
  • Square Nine 
  • Ilaan 
  • Zem Builders 

Zameen is one of the most popular real estate platforms in Pakistan. It was created in 2006 and played a crucial role in defining the property market in the country.  

The company has been broadening the scope of the real estate industry in Pakistan, becoming the leader, and defining the market trends in coming years. A simple yet user-friendly website allows customers to interact with the staff and find plots, rental properties, or homes for sale.  


Pakistan’s online real estate marketplace, Graana, aims to change the country’s real estate environment. Graana believes in the importance of quality over quantity, which is why it created a valuable and transparent portal that displays great listings, helping people to narrow down their options and goals quickly. 

Graana is among the most capable portals for real estate in Pakistan, helping users find quality residential or commercial properties to rent or buy. It is the division of the Imarat Group of Companies.  


Al Safa Group

Established in 2004, Al Safa Group is well known for its dynamic projects, real estate services, and sales. Integrity, innovation, and excellence are the core values of this group, firmly believing in the importance of providing royal-like and unique services to every client.  

Agency 21

Since 2016, Agency 21 has been working towards changing the perception of real estate in Pakistan. It has developed astonishingly, building itself as the market leader in the twin cities. By pursuing good corporate culture and work ethic, it has successfully garnered the confidence and trust of its clientele.  

Agency 21 specialises in residential and commercial plot development and construction and offers customised architectural designs, project execution services, and construction management.  

Estate Land Marketing

Expanding in twin cities and providing marketing services, Estate Land Marketing is a well-known name in the real estate industry, which has maintained a professional corporate culture, establishing an ethical business approach.  

Estate Land Marketing assists its clients by offering guidance on profitable investments. With the main focus on providing successful client service,  

Estate Land Marketing ​

Star Marketing

Star Marketing is Pakistan’s leading real estate marketing firm, providing promotional techniques and innovative marketing concepts. Star Marketing caters to residential and commercial sectors, including real estate services, property sales and management, rentals, and investment consultancy.   

Star Marketing’s history is impressive as it has taken property plan initiatives to all the major cities, creating a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties

Sky Marketing

Sky Marketing was founded among real estate companies in Islamabad in 2005. As an experienced sales and marketing team, it has become renowned for its dedication and commitment to its valuable clients over the years. 

Sky Marketing has its head office in the Blue Area, Islamabad. As both agency and developers, its professional team has served many housing societies and completed many widely known and highly distinguished housing projects in Pakistan.

Square Nine

Square Nine, one of Pakistan’s top-notch real estate service providers, is recognised for its expertise in real estate consultancy. The firm is committed to fostering lasting partnerships with its customer base. 

In addition, it provides world-class services, and its current projects include Avenue, Melrose Arch, and Terraces Residence. 


Quickly emerging as the go-to destination for property buyers in Pakistan after its launch, it established itself as the largest web portal on property. They help clients make better investment decisions and enhance their viewing experiences for visual properties.  

Zem Builders

Founded by Zeeshan A. Qureshi, the next envisioned leader in creating luxury living, Zem Builders has achieved its goal by effectively managing its relations with customers and investors and establishing itself as an actual expert in the industry. 

Zem Builders has its head office in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Additionally, they are Pakistan’s most trusted real estate company in numerous cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing through these companies gives you access to high-quality properties, reliable legal processes, transparent transactions, professional guidance, and the potential for long-term returns.

For the company evaluation, consider the track records, financial stability, project locations, reputation, and the company’s ability to meet specific investment goals and requirements. 

Yes, real estate companies in Pakistan are registered and licensed by the authorities relevant to this purpose.  

Final Words

Pakistan’s best real estate companies are continuously expanding, bringing more value to their core and working towards creating clients’ trust as they move forward. The listed companies are among the best recommendations we at Legend Properties can recommend. 

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