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Forest Town Islamabad

Your Window to a Nature-Inspired Lifestyle
Forest Town Islamabad will be every nature enthusiast’s new favourite. The GP Group of Company developed this housing scheme at the Rawat-Chakbeli Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road. It gives the vibes of a biophilic society and reconnects the residents to nature’s unamalgamated beauty, carefully fused with urban planning. It is also backed up by the Green Woods Developments, which shares the same vision of providing luxury living at affordable prices.

Welcome to Forest Town Islamabad

Forest Town Society was created with the vision of an eco-friendly approach to modern societies, passionate about leaving the greenland area purely dedicated to being a natural habitat. This unique approach is getting very popular among investors and is expected to bring high investment returns in the future. The developers carefully picked the area to provide a quality of living for residents.

Regardless of the size, each plot is surrounded by beautiful greeneries that will take you on a refreshing trip to nature every day. The society will offer livestock farming, rainwater catchment facilities, and solar energy to promote the serenity and well-being of future residents.

Forest Town Islamabad

Forest Town Islamabad Location

Forest Town Islamabad location is the best residential area in Islamabad-Rawalpindi. It is situated near the Rawalpindi Ring Road alongside Rawat-Chakbeli Road, which offers the perfect and most accessible location. Some major locations such as T-Chowk, Railway Station, Faisal Mosque, and Islamabad International Airport are within a few minutes drive away.

The Forest Town Islamabad Map shows easy access to all these places and the central location this society holds within the city.

Forest Town Islamabad Accessible Routes

The success of a real estate project depends on its accessibility to major landmarks and facilities. Forest Town has considered it beforehand, making it accessible to almost all major routes. The following landmarks are only at a short distance from the society:
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Forest Town Islamabad Routes

Forest Town Islamabad Nearby Landmarks

Forest Town Islamabad Nearby Landmarks
The housing project is strategically located in Islamabad and is well-connected to all the major road networks and key landmarks. Residents can enjoy safe and easy travelling linked with highways and other routes, making it an ideal place to live. The most famous landmarks include:

Forest Town Islamabad Owners and Developers

M/S Milestone Properties Management Pvt Ltd and M/S Malik Shahzaib Enterprises Pvt Ltd both led the development of Forest Town Islamabad, bearing the same vision to urbanise yet retain eco-friendliness in the capital territory. These developers are some of Islamabad’s most renowned town planners, proving themselves repeatedly in every completed project. They are well-known for having a keen eye on which lands they should develop, and for employing only the best team of engineers, architects, and environmental consultants.

Forest Town Islamabad Owners and Developers
Forest Town Islamabad

Forest Town Islamabad NOC Status

Forest Town Islamabad is still in development and waiting for the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to grant an NOC approval. Good news about the approval will come soon. To stay updated, talk to one of our real estate consultants at Legend Properties today!

Forest Town Islamabad Master Plan

The master plan of this housing society is all about modern-day luxury features accessible to major landmarks. The Forest Town Islamabad payment plan offers the lowest rates without compromising quality. The main attraction of the society is the green land, ensuring a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The blocks include:

Forest Town Islamabad

Forest Town Islamabad Salient Features

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Forest Town Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

Forest Town Islamabad boasts the grandest biophilic designs throughout the country, with majestic green walls, diverse greenery, roofs, and small spaces. Add to these world-class facilities and amenities carefully blended into the society’s eco-friendy look goals. Here are its salient features:

Eco-Sustainable Community

The society has planned to create an eco-sustainable community through green initiatives and eco-friendly practices for the best experience of future residents.

Biophilic Design

The society has planned a beautiful integration between nature and modern living so residents can get a well-balanced connection to eco-friendly living.

Grand Mosque

The town developers have planned to create a majestic Grand Jamia Mosque that will blend Arabic architecture and modern technology.

Water Resources

Water reservation tanks will be installed during the development so that residents can fulfil their daily chores, along with a clean drinking water facility.

Community Center

To keep the residents active and healthy, the developers have planned the centres so that social gatherings and community events can be practised.

Leading Educational Institutes

The society is near leading educational facilities so that children can get quality educational experiences without going far away from their homes.

Health Facilities

Health guarantees are one of the huge factors in investing in a society, so the management has made extra efforts to create a 24/7 emergency facility with the best doctors in the country.

Business & Commercial Hub

It is not possible to have a housing project without a commercial area. The society is developing an all-in-one business area to cater to all your needs.

Gated Community

To guard and secure the safety of residents, the society has installed high-definition CCTV cameras along with checkposts on the entrance and boundaries.

Road Infrastructure

The roads are developed to the highest standards of quality. The streets of the main boulevard are wide and spacious enough for two to three lanes.

Investment Opportunities in Forest Town Islamabad

Nowadays, a majority of buyers searching for the best residential places consider easy access to nature and beautiful design that showcases the best living standard. Both local and foreign investors in Pakistan are willing to invest in real estate with biophilic design. If you are looking for a smart investment, call a Forest Town Islamabad authorised dealer for more details on the project. Here is why you should invest in this society:

Investment in Nature

Residents can capitalise on the intrinsic value of green living, ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promising returns on the investment.

ISO Certified:

It is an ISO-certified community, so your investment is secured with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence in urban living.

Affordable Plot Prices:

The developers have ensured that the prices for the plots are within reach of any average-earning resident, catering to all budgets and investment goals.

Legal Status:

The society is well on track to receive its NOC. Those who invest now will get the most benefits as the prices will change after the project’s legal status is secured.

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