Islamabad Real Estate Buying Guide for Investors & Buyers 2023

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Whilst the past years hurled several challenges in Pakistan real estate and the economy overall, the current real estate sector market remains positive. Forecasts continue to show an upward curve in the upcoming years, especially for the capital city. A lot of local and overseas investors have been eyeing Islamabad for promising profits, better quality of residential life, top-notch infrastructures, and other reasons. 

This article provides the ultimate Islamabad real estate buying guide for both new and seasoned property buyers, covering the benefits of investing in the capital city, factors one needs to know before investing, types of real estate available in the city, and other relevant frequently asked questions. 

Islamabad Real Estate Buying Guide for Investors and Buyers.


Why It Is Worth Investing in Islamabad Real Estate

Amongst all the other cities in Pakistan, Islamabad proves to be the safest and most promising city to invest in, whether for residential or commercial purposes. This is mainly because of the following:

Growing Population

The growing population in the country automatically means increasing demand for real estate properties. By 2025, the population in Islamabad alone is expected to reach 2.5 million. The capital city offers more career and business opportunities, which led to a trend of rural people moving to the city, ultimately increasing the need for Islamabad properties.  

The high demand applies to both commercial and residential properties. Buyers usually flock to areas near public transportation, shopping centres, schools, healthcare institutions, and other amenities. This makes the city most attractive for businesses to invest in commercial properties, as the economy is growing and expected to be less affected by potential economic downturns.

Promising Returns

Islamabad has the most popular areas to invest in for no small reason. Compared to other cities in the country, it offers the highest return on investment. In 2023, the prices for residential property for sale in Islamabad increased up to 9 percent, along with the 11 percent increase for flats. This is projected to continually increase in future years. 

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Quality Infrastructures

Pakistan’s government has been investing even more in infrastructure, which improved the quality of the city’s public transportation systems, roads, and bridges. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) ensures all development projects have the highest standards in terms of construction, safety, design, and amenities. Those who invested near facilities and amenities are sure to see good profits in the years to come. 

Furthermore, almost all housing societies and other projects are led by the most reputable developers in the country, standardising modernity as a result. Property construction projects in Islamabad always incorporate smart and tranquil living—technology, green spaces, security systems, and more—all whilst making sure the areas are near the necessary amenities and facilities. 

Affordable Investment Options

There are a lot of investment options available in Islamabad, whether for commercial, residential, or other purposes, which will be discussed further below. Whatever the set budget, Islamabad real estate investors can easily find any property to invest in, from the lowest to the most expensive market prices, depending on their investment appetite and goals.

Investment Experts

When it comes to the complexities of real estate investment, first-time investors are not recommended to be their own “buying your first real estate investment guide,” as it comes with a lot of risks. A lot of aspects are surely going to be overlooked, leading to investors losing instead of getting the hoped-for returns.  

Islamabad has a lot of qualified Islamabad property investment professionals who can guide them all throughout their investment journey, such as Legend Properties, which has gained a reputation as the best real estate home buying guide in the country, guiding both local and international investors in their real estate ventures. 

Islamabad Real Estate Guide: Factors You Need to Know Before Investing

The profits percentage increased particularly this year for every property in Islamabad for sale. Investors who diversify their portfolios have the most secure buffer against inflation—amidst inflation, property value grows at the same time.  

However, no matter how promising real estate in Islamabad is, it can be really difficult to navigate the market and earn handsome profits without solid investment experience. Investors will need the most comprehensive real estate guide for buying without an agent. Here are some factors they need to consider before making a move:


Islamabad offers a lot of investment options at any PKR price range. Before buying house in Islamabad, investors should stay in their budget lane and narrow the choices all the way down, considering factors such as interest rates for their property loans, taxes, maintenance costs, and more. This will keep them from browsing through properties out of their price range. 

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Location and Purpose

There are a lot of commercial and housing projects in Islamabad. The best real estate investments are near amenities and facilities. It all boils down to the investors’ lifestyle, risk tolerance, and convenience. Those who prefer rural-like and tranquil living can choose any housing scheme with ample green spaces. Businesses should opt for the bustling areas in the capital city

Project Details

Almost every real estate project in Islamabad is led by reputable developers, but it is better to probe them more, including track record, credentials, payment plans, delivery timelines, features, facilities, and more.

Types of Real Estate Investments in Islamabad

Islamabad offers all types of real estate investment options, such as the following:


This category includes various types of living spaces, such as houses, apartments, and condos. Residential Islamabad houses can generate rental income and also appreciate in value over time.


Commercial real estate encompasses offices, retail spaces, and warehouses. Investing in the commercial real estate market in Islamabad can yield higher rental returns, although it requires a larger initial investment compared to other types of real estate.


Plots of land have the potential to increase in financial value over time. These can be used as residential or commercial plots. 

Investors should consult their real estate buying guide before deciding which of these types of properties they should purchase.

Saffron City: The Best Investment Opportunity in Islamabad

Legend Properties did several in-depth property research to find out which properties proved to be the most lucrative and with the utmost sterling quality of all.   

The Twin Cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi are shown to be one of the top areas loved by both domestic and overseas investors. Amongst all of them, Saffron City Islamabad is the top real estate investment. 

Saffron City

Legend Properties rates Saffron Islamabad at the top. Developed by Saadullah Khan & Brothers (SKB), Saffron City Islamabad is situated near Rawat, DHA, and Bahria Town, conveniently located along GT Road and covers an extensive land area of around 15000 Kanal.

property for sale islamabad

SKB Developers is a renowned construction and engineering firm with a track record of numerous successful real estate projects. Their primary objective is to create a luxurious area and serene environment for residents, adhering to international standards of development and ensuring a comfortable life. 

The housing project offers an array of investment opportunities with reasonably priced residential plots of various sizes. Nestled at N-5 Highway near Rawat, Saffron City Islamabad offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and serene living.  

Saffron City Islamabad provides accessibility to the capital areas from all directions, making it convenient for residents. With easy access to Rawat-Chakbeli Road and Islamabad Expressway, residents never have to worry about being too far from the vibrant city life. Kallar Syedan Road and Zero Point Islamabad can be reached within 5 and 39 minutes of driving. The Islamabad International Airport is only a 53-minute drive away. 

Furthermore, Saffron City Islamabad is surrounded by well-known residential and commercial real estate properties for sale, including Giga Mall Islamabad, Rawat Fort, Zaraj Housing Society, and Bahria Town Islamabad. Several educational and professional institutions, such as Police Training School Rawat, The Cust University, and the Institute of Space Technology, are within close proximity to the society. 

Saffron City Islamabad stands out as an exceptional housing scheme in the country, aiming to establish a lavish community equipped with modern facilities and presenting a remarkable investment opportunity for investors to achieve a high return on their investment.  

The rental housing options in Saffron City consist of several standard-sized Marla houses, ranging from 5 Marla, 10 Marla, to 1 Kanal crore house. 5 Marla house starts at Rs. 2,550,000, 10 Marla at Rs. 4,500,000, and 1 Kanal at Rs. 8,500,000.

Other housing societies near Saffron City include Bahria Town and Bani Gala, offering various kinds of Marla house. Bahria Town is divided into multiple phases, with development work underway for the Phase 8 and 9 extension, whist Bani Gala Gala is known to be the home of several notable figures in Pakistan, including the former Prime Minister, Imran Khan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With a wide pool of options, investors can already find properties at PKR 2,550,000 in Islamabad, which is the set price for 5 Marla houses in Saffron City.  

It depends on which kind of property investors want to buy, residential or commercial. The tax percentage is between 2 to 5 percent. 

Once investors have already chosen a plot or a house, they have to make sure they have the necessary requirements, such as a passport, CNIC, photographs of passport size, NICOP copy, payment receipt photocopy, and utility bills. 

Saffron City Islamabad requires a minimum of 10 percent down payment of the total property price, which can be paid either through a pay order or bank draft.

New investors, most especially, need a reputable buying real estate in Islamabad guide before starting in the industry. Legend Properties, an investment guide agency, helps them identify the best types and properties for investment after assessing their feasible budget, risk appetite, purpose, tax implications, and more. 

How Legend Properties Can Help

Islamabad properties may offer promising returns, but without solid investment knowledge, investors may end up not being able to maximise their highest ROI potential. Legend Properties, a renowned Islamabad real estate buying guide in the country, assists investors every step of the way, following their budget and overall goals. 


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