Marble Price in Pakistan – 2024 Updated and Revised List 

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Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Depending on the quality and variety, marble prices in Pakistan vary. There is a reason for added attraction and design, but the recent inflation also contributed to its high pricing. Marble is a famous natural stone used in construction, architecture, and interior design. Its elegance and durability make it a sought-after material for residential and commercial projects.  

In Pakistan, marble has been a significant component of the country’s construction industry for many years. However, due to the recent inflation and rising prices of raw materials, the cost of marble has also increased. In this article, we will explore the various types of marble available in Pakistan, their prices, properties, and uses, as well as their disadvantages, how to check their quality, standard sizes, frequently asked questions, and a final verdict on the topic. 

Marble Prices In Pakistan

Types of Marbles

Marble is a natural stone in various colours, patterns, and textures. In Pakistan, multiple types of marble are available, each with distinctive properties, uses, and prices. The type of marble you choose will depend on your preferences, the project’s purpose, and the budget. Let us dive in and explore the diverse world of marbles! 

1. Tavera

This beige marble is cheap and originated in Baluchistan. Tavera marble is also known as Tavera Beige marble and Tavera Cream marble.  


2. Sunny White

With a slightly higher price than Sunny Grey, it is readily available in the market and is among the most commonly used marble in-house flooring. 

3. Sunny Grey

This Buner marble is an excellent choice for use on stairs and is available in 1-inch or ¾ inch thickness. In terms of price, it is lower than the Sunny White one. 

4. China Verona (Parlino) Marble

Among the durable and elegant-looking marbles, China Verona is very popular. It is more expensive than the Trevera marble.  It is imported from China and is of the best quality with a smaller crystal amount.  

Different names are used for China Verona, Parlino marble and Verona Beige marble.  

5. Ziarat Supreme White

It is found in the Baluchistan area of Ziarat 

Ziarat Supreme White

You can use Ziarat Supreme White on countertops, exterior or interior use, floors, windows, walls, pool capping, etc.  

6. Ziarat Grey

Like Ziarat Supreme White, Grey is also of supreme quality and expensive.  

Marble Price in Pakistan Rates List

We have this informative table on marble rates in Pakistan so you can weigh your, decisions better and stay ahead of the competition.  

Serial No Marble Type Floor Marble Price Stair Marble Price Kitchen Marble Price
1 Tavera RS 85-100 RS. 240-260 RS 340-360
2 Sunny White RS. 105-120 RS 290-310 RS 390-410
3 Badal Marble RS. 70-80 RS 240-255 RS 340-360
4 Sunny Grey RS. 65-75 RS 150-165 RS 210-225
5 Ziarat Supreme White RS. 340-360 RS 590-620 RS 1180-1240
6 Ziarat White RS. 330-345 RS 480-520 RS 780-820
7 Ziarat Grey RS. 80-90 RS 260-275 RS 340-360
8 China Verona RS. 190-200 RS 390-410 RS 630-650
9 Botticina Fancy RS. 160-175 RS 230-245 RS 340-360
10 Flower RS. 60-65 RS 80-90 RS 90-100
11 Zebra RS. 90-100 RS 240-255 RS 340-360
12 Silky Black RS. 70-80 RS 175-185 RS 290-305
13 Black and Gold RS. 270-280 RS 430-450 RS 430-450
14 Strawberry Red RS. 140-155 RS 260-275 RS 340-360
15 Strawberry Pink RS. 115-125 RS 380-400 RS 590-610

Properties and Use of Marble

Marble possesses remarkable properties for which it is used as a finishing piece during the construction of houses and offices. It presents an aesthetically appealing and remarkable look, which makes it unique. Here are a few properties and uses of marble: 

  • The main property of marble is its natural occurrence.  
  • It can be cleaned easily. Its unique and rich texture made it so special.  
  • Marble gives a shining and sparkling look to your floor or slabs. 
  • Marble is used for construction, interior decoration, and statutory purposes. 
  • Marble is a natural stone that comes in various colours due to various minerals and impurities in the rock.  
  • Light can easily pass through it. Which gives it a glow. 
  • Marble is an eco-friendly and durable stone. 

Disadvantages of Marble

Where marble has its uses and properties, it also possesses a few disadvantages, which are listed as follows: 

  • It requires proper care and maintenance 
  • Due to its porous nature, it gets stained  when any colour or acid falls on it 
  • It can break or crack easily due to its brittle nature
  • It gives a smooth and slippery surface, which can cause an accident even with little carelessness. 
  • It is a little bit expensive

How Do You Check Marble Quality?

Marble quality check has a few parameters to consider when buying marble for your house or office. These are listed as follows:, 

  • Ensure that the marble thickness is full 
  • Four dimensions should be equal; that is easy to fix 
  • Drip some water  on the marble surface to test water absorption 
  • The surface of the marble should be smooth and clear

Standard Size of Marble in Pakistan

The marble used in Pakistan has a standard size of 9 x 4 x 3 in length, width and height respectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The marble price is variable, and inflation has played a significant role. Currently, the minimum price is 80 PKR. 

The Botticino, Crema Marfil, Carrara, and Emperador are the best options in this category. 

The white-coloured marble is more costly than any other marble type.  

Final Verdict

To summarise, marble is a widely used and sophisticated natural stone in Pakistan’s construction, architecture, and interior design. The country offers a wide variety of marbles in different colours, textures, and patterns, with marble prices in Pakistan varying depending on the quality and variety of the stone. This article covers the types, properties, uses, and drawbacks of marble in Pakistan. It also includes a price list and tips to check marble quality. Marble requires proper care and maintenance, but its unique appearance is worth the investment. 

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