Most Expensive Homes in Australia 2024 

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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

For those who draw inspiration from luxury real estate or are simply intrigued by how the most expensive homes in Australia stack up against their global counterparts. It’s worth noting that some estates might be absent from this enumeration due to undisclosed current valuations or because they haven’t been traded or transferred in recent times. 

To get to know about the most expensive properties in Australia 2024, continue reading this article.  

Most Expensive Homes in Australia 2024

Top10 Most Expensive Homes in Australia

Australia’s real estate landscape is dotted with some of the world’s most breathtaking and luxurious homes. These ten most expensive homes in Australia are not just residences but crowning jewels of architectural grandeur and opulent design, commanding staggering prices and exclusive addresses.  

Top10 Most Expensive Homes in Australia

The most expensive properties in Australia are listed below: 


The Fairwater estate, previously part of the Fairfax family’s holdings, achieved a record-breaking sale price of $100 million in 2018. Acquired by Mike Cannon-Brookes, a prominent figure in the tech industry and co-founder of Atlassian, this expansive 1.12-hectare property boasts a heritage listing. Remarkably, it was only available for a brief two-week period before it claimed the title of Australia’s most expensive residential property transaction. 

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Edgewater, nestled in the upscale neighbourhood of Point Piper, Sydney, is reputed to be Australia’s second priciest residence, valued at $95 million. This prestigious property changed hands in 2020 for the same amount, with Chinese gold mining tycoon John Li as the new owner.  



Elaine, a distinguished property previously owned by the Fairfax family, mirrors the Fairwater estate in its prestigious lineage. In 2017, Scott Farquhar, an Atlassian co-founder and close associate of Mike Cannon-Brookes, acquired it for $71 million. At its sale, Elaine was cited as the third most expensive residential sale globally. 

La Mer

La Mer, a grand estate in Vaucluse, was acquired for a sum of $70 million back in 2015 by James and Erica Parker. The Parkers expanded their domain by purchasing the main residence and two adjacent properties, which they subsequently demolished to make way for an extension of the original home. A significant portion of La Mer’s structure is ingeniously designed below ground level, boasting an impressive six stories. This architectural marvel stands out as the first on the list to diverge from the Point Piper cluster. 

Phoenix Acres

Phoenix Acres, with its commanding presence in Vaucluse, was secured for $65.25 million, which, while impressive, fell short of its initial jaw-dropping $80 million listing price. This significant real estate transaction took place in 2017, and had the estate sold at its original list price, it would have set a record as Australia’s most expensive property then. 


The historic Altona estate, crafted in 1904 by the esteemed Supreme Court Judge Augustus James as a gesture of devotion to his wife, for whom it is named, has witnessed a succession of proprietors over the years. Its latest transition in ownership, for $62 million, has solidified its status among the nation’s most lavish and costly homes. 


Ganeden, a palatial residence in Vaucluse, initially entered the market in 2019. However, it wasn’t until three years later that a buyer with the means to afford this opulent property was found. The Landerer family parted with this seven-bedroom, 13-bathroom estate, which also features three kitchens, two elevators, and an array of sumptuous amenities such as a home cinema and spa. Additionally, it boasts a garage that can accommodate up to 20 vehicles.  



Portofino, a gem in the Point Piper area, was acquired by an art enthusiast from Shanghai for a notable $60.66 million in 2016. This property is famed for its stunning vistas of Sydney Harbour and exquisite Tuscan architectural design, setting it amidst some of the most sought-after real estate in the region. 

Shein Family Home

In the scenic locale of Vaucluse, a pair of waterfront estates were recently consolidated through a $60 million purchase by Leon Kamenev, co-founder of Menulog. The vision for these properties is to unite them into one expansive compound. This acquisition places Kamenev among an elite enclave known for its prestigious residences and striking Tuscan-inspired designs.

Mosman Park Mansion

The Mosman Park Mansion, standing out as the sole top-ten contender outside the Vaucluse or Point Piper precincts, was traded in 2009 for $57.5 million. Owned by mining heiress Angela Bennett, this Perth property’s worth is likely even greater in the current market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A trophy home in Australia is typically a residential property sold for $40 million or more. These properties are often notable for their luxurious features, prestigious locations, and the significant attention they attract upon sale. 

New South Wales, particularly the suburbs of Point Piper and Vaucluse in Sydney, holds most of Australia’s trophy homes. Nine of the ten most expensive homes listed are in this region. 

Not necessarily. Some of the most valuable properties may not be included in the list due to undisclosed valuations or because they haven’t been on the market in recent years. The list reflects known transactions and current valuations where available. 


In short, the most expensive homes in Australia are a spectacle of opulence and exclusivity, with trophy homes that are architectural marvels and symbols of prestige. These properties, predominantly located in New South Wales, represent the pinnacle of high-end living.  

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