Most Expensive Homes in Canada 2024 

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While the dream of owning one of the most expensive homes in Canada may be out of reach for many, there’s a certain pleasure in envisioning life within its luxurious confines. These residences aren’t just places to live; they are masterpieces of architectural design, each telling a story of opulence and grandeur.  

Whether it’s the allure of sprawling estates that span acres of land or the charm of meticulously designed spaces, these properties are undeniably captivating. From their prime locations to their extravagant amenities and immense sizes, numerous factors converge to place these homes at the pinnacle of the Canadian real estate market.  

Let’s journey through the doors of Canada’s most prestigious addresses, where the epitome of luxury living is redefined. 

Most Expensive Homes in Canada

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Canada

Peeking into the world of unimaginable luxury, the journey through the most expensive homes in Canada takes us from coast to coast, uncovering the pinnacle of architectural marvels and breathtaking estates. 

As we venture closer, the anticipation builds to unveil the top ten most expensive homes in Canada, each more stunning than the last, showcasing not just the dreams of their inhabitants but the zenith of luxury living. 

James Island (Gulf Islands)

James Island in Canada is a pinnacle of luxury real estate, boasting a valuation of $54.7 million. It features a sprawling 4,500-square-foot main residence nestled within a vast 790-acre expanse. Owned by Craig McCaw, this exclusive property isn’t just known for its impressive home and comprehensive amenities, including a private golf course, an airstrip, and six additional guest houses. 

This extraordinary island retreat, currently a secluded haven, might soon welcome more residents. Craig McCaw is currently in discussions with a prominent developer from Arizona about the potential development of additional homes on the island, aiming to market them to an affluent clientele. See also: Top Real estate companies in Canada. 

Chelster Hall (Oakville)

Valued at $58 million and sprawling over a vast area of 43,850 square feet on a 10-acre land, the property, owned by Hugo Powell, stands out for its sheer size and luxury. It’s a residence whose size is just a tad larger than one acre; that’s Chelster Hall, located in Oakville, Ontario, for you. 

Chelster Hall

The mansion is equipped with a plethora of luxurious amenities, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a wine cellar designed in Tuscan style, subterranean parking, and a two-story library. 

The design of this magnificent mansion was the brainchild of William Hicks, a renowned architect from Oakville. He drew inspiration from the historic Blickling Hall, incorporating elements of the 400-year-old estate’s Jacobean architectural style into his design. 

4707 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

The property in question boasts a valuation of approximately $65.46 million and encompasses an area of 28,794 square feet, situated on a 1.7-acre plot. The ownership details of this mansion located on Belmont Avenue remain undisclosed. The only available information points to a holding company based in the British Virgin Islands named Pisonii, which lacks any public website or identifiable information regarding the owner of the home or the company itself. 

Designed and constructed by Russell Hollingsworth in 2007, this expansive residence features 10 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. Interestingly, this project was completed a year before Hollingsworth undertook the construction of another significant property at 3085 Point Grey Road, which is also noteworthy. 

4719 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

This property, 4719 Belmont Avenue, is valued at $41.2 million and spans 18,400 square feet on a 1.3-acre lot; belongs to Hassan Khosrowshahi. Belmont Avenue, often referred to as “Billionaire’s Row,” is notable for housing some of the most lavish homes in the area, including Khosrowshahi’s mansion at 4719. As a billionaire, Khosrowshahi made his fortune by founding Future Shop and later acquiring Best Buy. 

Belmont Avenue

One of the property’s distinctive features is its impressive seven-foot wide skylight, coupled with a chandelier previously owned by Mussolini. 

2815 Point Grey Road (Vancouver)

The property located at 2815 Point Grey Road stands out not just for its valuation at approximately $39.96 million, but also for its efficient use of space. Despite being situated on a mere 0.7-acre lot, this mansion spans 9,300 square feet. Owned by Jacqui Cohen, it’s impressive how such a sizable home fits on a relatively small piece of land, yet it’s priced at nearly $40 million. 

This residence may not be the largest among its peers, featuring five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Constructed in 1962, its age adds to its charm, offering breathtaking views of the English Bay, complemented by a private outdoor pool. It is one of the most expensive homes in Canada for sale.

71 The Bridle Path (Toronto)

The Bridal Path, a prestigious neighbourhood in Toronto, is renowned for its high-profile residents, including celebrities like Prince, Drake, and Celine Dion. In 2018, a notable property located at 71 The Bridal Path was put on the market with a price tag of nearly $40 million and was eventually purchased by a confidential buyer in 2021, making it one of the most expensive homes in Toronto. 

This luxurious estate spans 35,000 square feet on a 2-acre lot. It boasts an impressive nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and enough parking space for 36 vehicles. If this property were to hit the market again, and you happen to have around $40 million to spare, it would be the perfect venue for hosting lavish gatherings. The mansion features an array of exclusive amenities, including a private indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and a grand cathedral ballroom, making it an ideal setting for entertaining guests. 

1243 Chartwell Place (West Vancouver)

Valued at $39.6 million and sprawling across 35,000 square feet with a 2-acre expanse, this mansion is not publicly listed in terms of ownership. The Bridal Path, a famed Toronto locale known for its celebrity residents such as Prince, Drake, and Celine Dion, saw this grand estate at 71 The Bridal Path hit the market in 2018 for close to $40 million, finding its new owner in 2021, whose identity remains undisclosed. 

This residence is a dream for those looking to host grand events, equipped with nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a parking capacity for 36 vehicles. Featuring a private indoor swimming pool, tennis court, and cathedral-like ballroom among its lavish amenities, it promises unparalleled entertainment opportunities for guests. 

4743 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

In 2021, the Belmont Estate, located at 4743 Belmont Avenue, was put on the market with a price tag of $58 million. This price included the mansion itself, the plot of land it sits on, and any additional structures on the property. While the actual sale price remains confidential, it’s speculated that this property could be among the priciest homes ever sold in the Metro Vancouver area. 

The estate’s ownership details are not publicly available, but it boasts a sprawling 22,000 square feet of living space on 1.28 acres of land. The mansion, a true architectural marvel, offers breathtaking views of Spanish Banks Beach and features an opulent design with five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, making it the epitome of luxury living. 

What sets this mansion apart is its exceptional facilities for hosting large gatherings. It is equipped with two spacious halls, each capable of accommodating 100 guests, making it an ideal venue for grand events. Additionally, the mansion features a stunning indoor pool, adding to its allure and luxury appeal. 

4773 Belmont Avenue (Vancouver)

In 2021, 4743 Belmont Avenue, known as the Belmont Estate, was listed for $58 million. This figure encompassed the estate, its land, and additional outbuildings. Although the ultimate sale price remains undisclosed, this estate is considered a top contender for the most expensive residential sale title in the Metro Vancouver region. 

Belmont Avenue

Despite the absence of public records about its owner, the property’s grandeur is undisputed. It houses five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, but its standout feature is its capability to entertain on a large scale. The property boasts two expansive halls capable of hosting 100 guests each, making it the perfect venue for significant events. Additionally, it includes a luxurious indoor pool, further elevating its status among elite properties. 

3085 Point Gray Road (Vancouver)

Valued at approximately $73.12 million, this sprawling property covers 15,694 square feet and sits on a 0.7-acre lot. The residence, which stands as the priciest in Canada, is perched along the renowned Golden Mile, boasting an oceanfront view. Designed by notable architect Russell Hollingsworth in 2008, it is currently under the ownership of Chip Wilson, the mind behind LuluLemon. 

The luxurious estate features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. While specific details on its amenities are scarce, it’s known to have an expansive outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and breathtaking views of the ocean from its backyard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario are among Canada’s best provinces for families. However, Alberta tops our list because of the affordable cost of living, high average household income, and education opportunities. 

Valued at $58 million, Chelster Hall is 43,850 square feet on a 10-acre lot. It features six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and luxurious amenities, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a two-story library. 

The property at 2815 Point Grey Road is valued at approximately $39.96 million, notable for its efficient space use on a 0.7-acre lot, offering stunning views and a private outdoor pool despite its relatively small land size. 


The magnificence of the most expensive homes in Canada offers a glimpse into unparalleled luxury and architectural prowess. These homes provide lavish living spaces and embody the zenith of design and exclusivity.  

For those who dream of owning a piece of this magnificence or are captivated by the allure of high-end real estate, Legend Properties stands as your gateway. With a portfolio that mirrors the pinnacle of luxury, Legend Properties invites you to explore and perhaps claim a piece of Canada’s most prestigious real estate. Discover your next masterpiece with us. 

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Most Expensive Homes in Canada 2024 

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