10 Most Expensive Homes in Dubai [2024 Top Latest]

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Written by: Meerab Saleem
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Dubai, synonymous with opulence and luxury, is home to some of the world’s most extravagant residences. From sprawling mansions in the prestigious Emirates Hills to high-rise penthouses overlooking the shimmering Dubai Marina, the emirate boasts an array of properties that redefine the essence of luxury living.  

In this article, we will delve into the top ten most expensive homes in Dubai, showcasing properties that offer unparalleled comfort and elegance and stand as architectural marvels, each with its unique allure. Whether you are drawn to the serenity of a lakeside villa or the vibrancy of a downtown penthouse, these homes represent the pinnacle of luxury real estate in Dubai. 

Most Expensive Homes in Dubai

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Dubai

Here is a list of the top ten most expensive properties for sale in Dubai. From opulent mansions to budding bachelor pads, we have it all: 

Emirates Hills, L Sector (AED 175 million, $47.64 Million)

This exquisite estate boasts an array of opulent features, from lavish bathrooms to majestic interiors reminiscent of Italian elegance. Encompassing an impressive 30,000 square feet, the mansion is adorned with sophisticated Italian furnishings that exude class.  

Sparkling crystal chandeliers illuminate the space, further enhanced by the ambient glow of cold cathode cove lighting. Each room offers breathtaking views, whether of the serene lake, the vibrant skyline, or the meticulously maintained golf course.  

Emirates Hills, L Sector

MAG 214, Jumeirah Lake Towers (AED 80 million, $21.78 Million)

The apartment exudes a captivating Bohemian charm, transforming it into an enthralling living space. Embrace the essence of “Haute Boheme” within the confines of this eclectic penthouse, nestled in the vibrant heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers. Its spacious layout, complemented by a majestic grand piano, makes it an ideal haven for anyone with an enthusiastic artist’s soul. 

Le Rêve, Dubai Marina (AED 72 million, $19.2 Million)

Embodying the pinnacle of avant-garde elegance, this penthouse stands out as an architectural marvel. Designed with the sophisticated urban jetsetter in mind, it boasts an impressive six-walk-in closet, ensuring ample space for an extensive wardrobe befitting a reclusive celebrity or a distinguished VIP. This residence is nestled within Le Rêve, a renowned haven that ranks among the select few locations catering exclusively to the elite A-list crowd in the vibrant city of Dubai. 

Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai (AED 69.85 million, $19 Million)

Immerse yourself in a panoramic 360-degree vista of Dubai’s breathtaking skyline. If you have ever dreamed of residing in the pinnacle of global architecture, Legend Properties presents an unparalleled opportunity to own an ENTIRE FLOOR within the world’s tallest skyscraper. This exclusive offering includes a lavish expanse of fifteen bedrooms, setting the stage for a life of unparalleled luxury and distinction. For an investment of approximately $19 million, you can secure your spot at this prestigious address, nestled in the city’s vibrant heart 

Downtown Dubai

Emirates Hills, HT Sector (AED 68 million, $18.51 Million)

Nestled under a single expansive roof, this modern villa is a testament to elegance and vibrant entertainment. Among the many reasons contributing to its unforgettable charm, several features stand out prominently: a state-of-the-art home cinema for movie enthusiasts, a games room filled with various entertainment options, a private gym tailored for fitness lovers, and a luxurious spa for ultimate relaxation. This villa is ideal for families, providing endless opportunities for fun, entertainment, and leisure activities, ensuring that every moment spent here is truly special. 

Emirates Hills, V Sector (AED 65 million, $17.7 Million)

This property captivates with its soaring ceilings and the architectural marvel of floating staircases, which are merely the beginning of its countless attractions. The garden, encompassing 40,000 square feet, represents the property’s grandeur.  

Emirates Hills, V Sector

Accessibility to this entertainment haven is seamlessly provided by an in-house elevator, offering a touch of modern luxury or via the visually striking floating staircase, adding an element of design sophistication. 

Emirates Hills, H Sector (AED 59 million, $16 Million)

Following a morning dedicated to golfing, there is no greater pleasure than indulging in an afternoon siesta beside the tranquil waters of your private pool. Among the latest offerings, this exquisite villa in the heart of Emirates Hills boasts some of the most breathtaking, unobstructed views of the extensive golf course stretching across the area. If you need some rest and relaxation, this residence promises to fulfil your desires. Opt to unwind in its spacious jacuzzi, where you can soak in the serene views of the golf course or choose to lounge on a pool chair under the sun. This villa is equipped with every luxury to cater to your leisure needs. 

Bromellia Villa, Al Barari (AED 55 million, $14.97 Million)

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation within the confines of your home cinema, an epitome of comfort and luxury. Nestled in the prestigious Al Barari, this exquisite property is designed to stir your senses. Not merely offering a colossal master suite that redefines the concept of spacious living (indeed, we refer to it as a suite, transcending the ordinary notion of a bedroom), it caters specifically to automobile enthusiasts with its climate-controlled garage, meticulously designed to accommodate up to seven vehicles.  

After revelling in the exhilaration of Dubai’s streets in your prized automobiles, you have the luxury of unwinding in your secluded infinity pool, rejuvenating in your private home spa, or engaging in a vigorous workout within the confines of your gym. 

Elite Residence, Dubai Marina (AED 55 million, $14.97 Million)

This apartment is a marvel of design, boasting luminous interiors that instantly capture the eye and breathtaking panoramas that can enchant anyone’s heart. Picture yourself in a space where the skyline of Dubai unfolds beneath you in a spectacular display, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer an unobstructed view of the vibrant cityscape.  

Occupying an entire floor in the prestigious Dubai Marina, this residence promises abundant space and luxury exclusivity. Among its numerous lavish features are the four expansive walk-in closets, each a testament to the luxury and thoughtful design that marks every corner of this stunning apartment. 

Signature Villa, Palm Jumeirah (AED 50 million, $13.61 Million)

Imagine lounging in a breathtaking villa where beachfront living is elevated to the pinnacle of luxury. This property is not just any beach house—it is a haven where each of the five exquisitely designed bedrooms, along with their en-suite bathrooms and expansive balconies, offers uninterrupted views of the sandy shores, with the iconic Marina and the majestic Burj Al Arab standing proudly in the backdrop. With its own private beach, this villa is the epitome of seaside luxury, ensuring that whether you’re waking up to the serene sounds of the waves or enjoying a sunset, every moment is a picturesque experience straight out of a postcard. Being a beach bum is synonymous with indulging in the finest aspects of coastal living. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The most expensive house, “The Marble Palace,” is listed at $204 million, but the owner has chosen to stay anonymous.  

Palm Jumeirah’s $82 million villa is the most expensive house ever sold in Dubai 

The Marble Palace is located in Emirates Hills and is priced at $204 million. In Umm Suqeim, there is a villa priced at AED 140 million. The Bvlgari Mansion can be found on Jumeirah Bay Island and is priced at AED 110 million. Another luxurious property in Emirates Hills, an Emirates Hills Villa, is on the market for AED 80 million. Lastly, a villa in Mohammed Bin Rashid City is listed for AED 120 million. 


In wrapping up our exploration of the most expensive homes in Dubai, it is clear that these properties are more than just living spaces; they are masterpieces of luxury and design. Whether you are captivated by the opulent estates of Emirates Hills or the panoramic views from the world-renowned Burj Khalifa, there is something in Dubai for every luxury aficionado.  

If you’re ready to take the next step towards owning a piece of this architectural paradise, contact Legend Properties today. Let us guide you to your dream home in Dubai, where luxury knows no bounds. 

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10 Most Expensive Homes in Dubai [2024 Top Latest]

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