Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in US 

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Don’t be misled by the impressive figures. The year 2023 saw the top ten most expensive homes in the US, and sales accumulated a total worth of just over $1.2 billion, marginally outpacing the total from 2022. However, these transactions were outliers in the broader context. The luxury real estate market nationwide experienced a significant downturn, with sales volumes plummeting by double-digit percentages from the previous year, largely due to economic uncertainties and rising interest rates.

This downturn was particularly pronounced in the greater Los Angeles area, which now has an excess of high-end homes for sale, many at significantly reduced prices. Even areas typically resistant to market dips, like Aspen and Palm Beach, felt the impact of the slowdown. 

Most of the year’s biggest sales were conducted privately, away from the public eye. It’s interesting to note that nearly all of the top transactions involved properties by the ocean or waterfront, indicating that buyers are still ready to invest heavily in prime vacation homes with direct access to the beach. 

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Most Expensive Homes in America

10 Most Expensive Homes in US

In 2023, amidst fluctuating markets and economic uncertainties, the allure of luxury living has not waned. The United States, known for its extravagant real estate, has seen some of the most opulent homes change hands, setting new records. These properties, ranging from the pristine beaches of Malibu to the historic grandeur of Greenwich, not only represent peak luxury but also the pinnacle of architectural achievement and location desirability.  

Let’s dive into the ten most expensive homes sold in the US this year, where exclusivity meets unparalleled splendour. 

Paradise Cove, Malibu—$190 million

Claiming the top spot as the most prestigious sale and the sole representative from California, a monumental estate positioned on the cliffs of Paradise Cove in Malibu was acquired for $190 million in cash. This transaction not only stands out as the highest in value for the year but also garnered significant attention due to the celebrity status of the new owners, Jay-Z and Beyonce. It made it the second most expensive home in U.S. history and the most expensive in California. 

Originally envisioned in the late 1990s by Bill and Maria Bell—Bill being a descendant of the creators behind iconic soap operas like The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful—the construction of this architectural marvel spanned 15 years, concluding around 2014. Designed as a monumental showcase, the estate was intended in part to house the Bells’ extensive modern art collection, which boasts pieces from renowned artists such as Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and Marcel Duchamp. Despite never being listed publicly, it was rumoured that the estate was discreetly offered for sale with an ambitious price tag of $250 million. 

North County Road, Palm Beach—$170 million

In April, Michael Cantanucci, a prominent car dealership owner based in New York, set a new record in Palm Beach by acquiring an oceanfront estate for $170 million.

North County Road

The transaction was private, as the property was not listed on the market, leaving limited information available. The estate’s previous owner was Bob Stiller, a billionaire known for his ventures in the coffee industry, who originally purchased it for $25 million in 2014. 

North Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach—$155 million

The sale of the late Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach estate, though briefly eclipsed by the Stiller-Cantanucci deal, still captured attention when it concluded in March, fetching $155 million. This transaction was conducted privately, without a public listing, making it the most expensive homes in Florida. 

Based on tax documents, the sprawling oceanfront estate, established in the early 1990s, spans 2.2 acres and boasts an impressive 250 feet of beachfront. William Lauder, an heir to a cosmetics fortune and owner of luxurious properties in Beverly Hills and New York, was the purchaser. 

Copper Beech Farm, Greenwich—$138.8 million

This year, the real estate scene was shaken by an unexpected blockbuster deal: the sale of Copper Beech Farm in Connecticut for a record-setting $140 million nearly. This transaction occurred despite a notable downturn in Greenwich’s property market in recent years. Originally acquired by billionaire Ray Dalio in 2014 for $120 million—a purchase that included taking on a significant debt load for the estate—the property has now changed hands. The new owner, who paid in cash and prefers to remain unidentified at this time, is believed to be from Mainland China. Spanning 50 acres, Copper Beech Farm boasts a main residence of 13,500 square feet, constructed in 1898, surrounded by exquisite gardens and featuring almost a mile of exclusive shoreline along Long Island Sound.

Meadow Lane, Southampton—$112.5 million

In 2023, the Hamptons witnessed its most significant transaction, with the spotlight on a sprawling estate located on the prestigious Meadow Lane, also known as Billionaires’ Row. This expansive property was purchased for $112.5 million by a billionaire whose identity remains concealed, utilizing a Delaware-based entity named Meerkat LLC for the acquisition. The savvy buyer managed to secure a substantial 36% discount from the property’s initial listing price of $175 million.  

Meadow Lane Southampton

This exclusive property also offers nearly 500 feet of direct oceanfront, cementing its status as one of the most coveted addresses in Southampton. 

Windmill Lane, East Hampton—$91.5 million

In a remarkable example of real estate savvy, Peter Fine, a seasoned real estate investor, managed to secure a massive profit from a transaction involving a two-parcel compound in East Hampton. Acquiring the property in 2020 for $45 million, Fine managed to sell it just three years later at a staggering price of $91.5 million, all without making significant improvements to the estate. The buyer, whose identity remains undisclosed, is rumored to be considering the demolition of the existing structures to make way for a more extravagant development, suggesting that the eye-watering purchase price may essentially be for the value of the land alone. 

Great Island, Darien, Connecticut—$85 million

Nestled in the pristine waters of Long Island Sound, Great Island spans 63 acres and boasts a unique land bridge linking it to the mainland in Darien, Connecticut. This island has enjoyed a century-long legacy as a private retreat adorned with top-tier equestrian amenities, including a polo practice field, a private sandy beach, and a hidden harbour accompanied by a boathouse and dock. Having been under the stewardship of the same family lineage for more than a century, the estate, initially priced at $175 million, was eventually sold to the Darien municipality for the reduced sum of $85 million. At the time of the last update, the town was deliberating over the future use of the island, which is graced with a 13,000-square-foot historic mansion among other supporting buildings.

220 Central Park South, New York City—$80 million

The twin-tower skyscraper located at 220 Central Park South has become a magnet for billionaires, making it hardly surprising that the largest residential transaction in New York City for 2023 took place within this prestigious limestone development. This notable sale involved a duplex penthouse situated in the complex’s shorter “villa” structure, which commanded a remarkable $80 million in a resale transaction. Although the property was not listed for sale, its previous owners, Suna Said and her spouse Scott Maslin, had originally acquired the Central Park-facing residence for approximately $66 million in 2020. The identity of the new owner, who possesses a mailing address in Los Angeles, remains undisclosed, sparking speculation that they could be a well-known celebrity. 

Indian Creek Island, Miami—$79 million

In October, two months after investing $68 million in a beachfront property on Miami’s exclusive Indian Creek Island, Jeff Bezos made another significant purchase by acquiring the adjacent house for $79 million. The previous owner, who had bought the 19,000-square-foot mansion in 2014 for $28 million, remains unidentified. It’s rumoured that Bezos intends to demolish both estates to construct a bespoke compound, suggesting the $79 million expenditure was essentially for the land itself. 

Ute Avenue, Aspen—$76 million

The record-setting home sale in Aspen was unique for several reasons. Diverging from the norm, the $76 million transaction wasn’t completed with just cash. Terry Taylor, a prominent figure in the car dealership industry, secured the purchase with $51 million in cash and also handed over a smaller property in Aspen valued at $25 million to the seller, real estate tycoon Leathem Stern.  

Ute Avenue Aspen

However, not all interactions with this property have been positive. A dispute has arisen, involving a real estate agent from Christie’s who is pursuing Stern for $1.7 million in unpaid commission fees she alleges were promised from the sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A condominium in Naples, Florida, hit the market at $295 million and is currently the most expensive home in the US. 

California is the most expensive place in the US to buy a house, with properties worth millions of dollars. 

Situated on the prestigious Carolwood Drive, this 38,000-square-foot luxury spec home stands on the site of Barbara Streisand’s former Mon Rêve estate, which was demolished in 2000, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.


The allure of luxury real estate remains undiminished, as evidenced by the staggering sales of the most expensive homes in US in 2023. Despite a broader market downturn, these top sales underscore a continued appetite for unparalleled luxury and prime locations, from Malibu’s cliffs to Greenwich’s historic estates. For those dreaming of their own slice of luxury or looking to invest in properties with enduring value, the time is now.  

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