PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan – Everything You Need to Know 

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When constructing a robust and reliable plumbing system, sewerage system, or water transportation setup, PVC pipes are an indispensable part that cannot be overlooked. Knowing the price of PVC pipes in Pakistan is essential as they are the fundamental element of any plumbing setup and are primarily used for water transportation. 

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and these pipes are gaining immense popularity due to their exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. Furthermore, their durability and ability to withstand high water pressures make them a preferred choice among builders and contractors. 

Without a doubt, PVC pipes have revolutionised the plumbing industry by providing a cost-effective and long-lasting solution that ensures the seamless transportation of water. So, if you are planning to build a plumbing system or water transportation setup, consider the prices of PVC pipes, as they play a vital role in the project’s overall cost. 

PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan

What Is Polyvinyl Chloride?

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, is a versatile plastic made up of numerous vinyl chloride monomers, with its chemical formula being C2H3Cl. The primary part of PVC, vinyl chloride, produces several plastic products for domestic and commercial use. The following are some of the significant applications of PVC: 

  • Manufacturing of pipes 
  • Coating of electrical wires (AC & DC) 
  • Making of toys 
  • Manufacturing of plastic bags 
  • Multiple packing stuff 

PVC is an essential material that has revolutionised many industries owing to its durability, flexibility, and affordability. 

PVC Pipes Industries in Pakistan

PVC pipes are now in huge demand in Pakistan, replacing steel or other traditionally used counterparts. The following companies are some of the best PVC pipes manufacturers in Pakistan. 

  • Royal Pipes 
  • National Pipe Industry 
  • Master Pipes 
  • Adam Jee Plastic Industry 
  • Alsafa Pipes 
  • Beta Pipes 
  • Alpha Pipes 
  • New Tech Pipes 

Types of PVC Pipes

Numerous PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are used for different purposes. Each type has distinct characteristics that are designed for specific purposes. These plastic PVC pipes are widely used in various fields around the world. Some of the significant types of PVC pipes include: 

Schedule 40 PVC Pipes

Schedule 40 pipes are exceptionally durable and perfect for outdoor use. They are commonly used in water supply systems to ensure safe water transportation in urban and rural areas.  

Schedule 40 PVC Pipes

PVC Schedule 80:

Schedule 80 pipes are used in projects requiring high-pressure handling for safe water and sewage transportation. They are also suitable for industrial applications due to their thickness and strength. 

PVC Conduit:

PVC conduit is commonly used to safeguard electrical wires. Once construction is complete, electrical wiring becomes a top priority for making electrical conduit throughout the house. Whether you opt for under-wall or open-wiring, PVC conduit is essential. These pipes come in many sizes to protect homes from any short-circuit hazards. 

PVC conduits are also used to cover electricity wires. Electricity wires require a strong coating to prevent electric shocks from short circuits.  

PVC Sewer Pipes:

PVC sewer pipes are designed for a safe underground sewerage system, ensuring a comfortable city or village life. These plastic pipes are strong, durable, and able to bear high pressure, making them suitable for harsh underground environments. A secure drainage system is crucial to keeping a comfortable living environment, and these sewerage pipes provide just that. 

UPVC Pipes:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the primary material for this type of pipe. It is commonly used for transporting water and indoor and outdoor sanitation. This pipe is lightweight, elastic, and strong, making it a popular choice. Additionally, it is exceptionally durable and resistant to corrosion.  

PPR Pipes:

PPR pipes are made using polypropylene random copolymer, which makes them exceptionally durable and strong. These pipes are ideal for plumbing in construction projects and can withstand elevated temperatures, making them perfect for industrial use in hot water systems.  

GI Pipes:

Galvanised iron pipes are used for plumbing and sanitation but are prone to rust and have a short lifespan.  

HDPE Pipes:

High-density polyethylene is the main part of this type. Such pipes are ideal for underground application and have a good efficiency to bear the high pressure of harsh environments.

PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan

PVC pipes have gained a tremendously increasing demand in Pakistan in the last few years. This is because of its lasting and corrosion-free properties. Pakistan’s PVC pipe price list is tabular for different pipe sizes and lengths. 

Pipe Size Pipe Length Weight Price in PKR
1-inch 10 feet 700 g Rs. 350
1 ¼ inch 10 feet 1 kg Rs. 500
2-inches 10 feet 1 kg Rs. 500
2-inch (double) 10 feet 1.5 kg Rs. 700
3-inch 13 feet 3 kg Rs. 1500
4-inch 13 feet 4 kg Rs. 1700
4-inch (double) 13 feet 4.5 kg Rs. 1900
4-inch (Thick) 13 feet 4.8 kg Rs. 2000
5-inch 13 feet 7 kg Rs. 3300
6-inch 13 feet 10 kg Rs. 4200

User Guide for PVC Pipes

Experts recommend some preventive measures for the safe use of PVC pipes, which includes the following: 

Careful Handling in General

Managing the pipes with care is crucial when working in PVC pipe showrooms. Rough handling can cause damage and lead to cracks and leaks that are often irreparable. It is important to be cautious during transportation and avoid bending or twisting the pipes. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so handle PVC pipes carefully to minimise the risk of damage. 

Storage Guidelines

It is recommended to store PVC pipes in a shaded area to avoid deterioration caused by elevated temperatures and direct sunlight exposure.  

PVC Pipe Rates

Extremely cold temperatures can cause the pipes to contract, leading to cracks. 

Stacking Instructions

Avoid stacking pipes too high or closely together, as this can cause deformities and warping.  

Weight Limit

Transporting PVC pipes requires careful guidelines to avoid overloading trucks or tractor trolleys, as higher pressure can cause cracks and leaks. 

Use Storage Supports

Storage supports are an excellent solution for handling PVC pipes safely. Certain vehicles feature brackets and hangers that guarantee secure transportation of plastic pipes. In warehouses, specific brackets and support chambers are designed to minimise weight pressure and ensure safe storage. 

PVC Warehouse Worker’s Guide

Workers must wear safety gloves to protect their hands from potential hazards. Additionally, safety glasses are vital to protect the eyes during demanding work. Workers should also wear a helmet and strictly adhere to all safety measures to avoid potential accidents. 

Factors Affecting PVC Pipe Prices in Pakistan

Varied factors, including customer spending habits, market conditions, supply constraints, and business requirements, influence the price of PVC pipes in Pakistan. We have listed the few factors that influence the PVC price in Pakistan: 

Raw Material Costs

The cost of PVC pipes is highly dependent on the prices of crucial raw materials, particularly polyvinyl chloride resin and additives used in manufacturing 

PVC Pipe Rates Latest

Manufacturing and Production Costs

Expenses for producing PVC pipes, such as energy, labour, and overhead costs, significantly affect their purchase price. 

Market Demand and Supply Dynamics

During times of high demand, such as rapid urbanisation or infrastructure development, the prices of PVC pipes may increase. Prices may stabilise or decrease during periods of lower demand. 

Supplier Competition

Competition among PVC pipe suppliers can affect pricing. Multiple manufacturers may compete to attract customers, leading to competitive pricing structures when they offer comparable products. 

Technological Advancements

Innovations in production technology and manufacturing processes can significantly affect the prices of PVC pipes, resulting in cost savings that may be passed on to consumers.


PVC pipes experience seasonal fluctuations in demand, with an uptick in usage and pricing during summer. This could be due to construction activity or higher demand for irrigation systems. 

PVC Pipe Suppliers in Pakistan

Pakistan has several trusted manufacturers offering high-quality PVC pipes. Consumers must choose reliable brands to ensure the longevity and dependability of the product. The following brands produce quality pipes: 

  • Goodwill Plastic Industries 
  • Popular Pipes Group 
  • Alpha Pipes 
  • Plasco Pipes and Industries Private Ltd 
  • Alsafa Pipes 
  • Xperia Pipes and Fittings 
  • AGM GM Paktherm Qtherm Pipes 
  • New Tech Pipes 
  • Beta Pipes 
  • Master Pipes Industries Pvt Ltd 
  • All Pakistan PVC Pipes 
  • PVC City 
  • Five Star Groups 
  • Minhas Pipes and Fittings 

PVC Pipe Benefits

PVC pipes are widely used in various industries due to their many advantages, such as the following: 

Durability and Longevity

PVC pipes are known for their durability, withstanding harsh environments and resisting corrosion for long-term use. 

Lightweight and Easy Installation

Compared to heavier materials like metal or concrete, PVC pipes are much lighter, making handling and installation more straightforward. Thus, reducing construction time and labour costs and significantly decreasing project timelines and costs. 

Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

PVC pipes are an excellent choice for transporting various liquids that hold acids, alkalis, or other corrosive agents due to their excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion. They are strong enough to withstand even the most aggressive chemical agents that could harm other pipe materials. 

Low Maintenance

After installation, PVC pipes require extraordinarily little maintenance. Owing to their rust and corrosion resistance, frequent inspections and repairs are unnecessary, saving time and money. 


PVC pipes are much better than metal or concrete alternatives for a cost-effective choice for infrastructure and smaller projects.

Safe for Water Transport

Transporting drinking water through PVC pipes is safe and non-toxic. It ensures and guarantees that the water quality is not compromised during transportation. 

Tips for Purchasing PVC Pipes

When buying PVC pipes, certain factors must be considered, such as the following: 

  • Decide the required pipe size and standards that you need. 
  • Find which PVC pipe will meet these requirements and conduct quality checks to make sure all quality standards are met. 
  • Verify that PVC pipes fulfil all needed quality standards for longevity and performance. 
  • Shop around to find the best value within your budget whilst considering brand reputation. With these criteria in mind, opt for quality brands known for their reliability in the market. 
  • If unsure which PVC pipe best fits your project, consult experts or professionals for guidance and advice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For underground applications, PVC pipes are ideal due to their excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

PVC pipes come in diverse sizes, ranging from 1 to 13 feet long and 4 inches in diameter. 

Schedule 80 PVC pipe is durable and can withstand harsh environments, making it suitable for high-pressure areas. 

Final Words

PVC pipes are essential to any plumbing system or water transportation setup. Their durability, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and ability to withstand high pressures make them popular among builders and contractors. Knowing the PVC pipe prices in Pakistan is crucial as they play a vital role in the project’s overall cost. With distinct types of PVC pipes available, choosing the right one for specific purposes is essential whilst following proper handling and safety guidelines. 

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