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Pakistan’s real estate forecast shows increasing profitability by about 30% in the coming five years. A rise in housing schemes has been observed since this prediction. With all that on the rise, societies need NOC (No Objection Certificate) to receive an excellent public response. 

RDA, Rawalpindi Development Authority, is one of the entities that grants NOC to housing schemes and societies, which is the ultimate proof of the project’s legitimacy. RDA has a set of rules to comply with, including development, planning, and management.  

RDA Approved Societies

Features of RDA Approved Societies

With all the regulations imposed by the RDA for approving infrastructure projects in Islamabad or nearby, the following are the listed features for a housing society to be granted a NOC. 

Ideal Location

For the immediate approval of any society, they must have an ideal location for residents to access major roads, highways, and landmarks.

RDA Approved Societies​a

Latest Facilities

Apart from its ideal location, it should serve all the latest facilities to enhance the residents’ quality of life. The following amenities are designed to provide a comfortable living environment within the society, crafted to cater to different preferences and needs of the residents.  

  • Electricity 
  • Gas 
  • Water and Sewerage System 
  • Internet 
  • Telephone 
  • Playgrounds and Parks 
  • Schools 
  • Mosques 
  • Shopping Malls 
  • Restaurants 
  • Hospital and Clinics 
  • Clubs 
  • Cinemas 
  • Gym 

Lifestyle and Views

The RDA approved societies for 2024 offer scenic hilly area views of the Potohar region. These are also accompanied by a luxurious lifestyle and high-end living experience, with grand houses, villas, apartments, and more. The scenic areas of these RDA approved societies list of 2024 include: 

  • Hills 
  • Valleys 
  • Rivers 
  • Lakes 
  • Forests 

Reasonable Pricing and Payment Options

One of the prominent features of the RDA approved societies in Islamabad is their reasonable pricing and flexible payment options, with appealing discounts for early bookings. 

High Investment Return and Future Development

With a prime location and luxurious lifestyle amenities, there is a high potential for lucrative returns. With RDA approval, housing societies become attractive to buyers and investors seeking safe investments 

Rawalpindi Development Authority Approved Societies

A plethora of housing schemes are under development, considering the lucrative return for the real estate business in Pakistan. It is worth going through some nominal RDA approved societies for 2024 and the features they offer to the residents.  

  1. Airport Green Gardens 
  2. Bahria Golf City 
  3. DHAI-R 
  4. Capital Smart City 
  5. Faisal Town 
  6. Fazaia Housing Scheme 
  7. Taj Residencia 
  8. Gandhara City 
  9. Safari Enclave 2 

Airport Green Gardens

This is one of the most competitive and quality housing schemes at an affordable cost for everyone. It is located near the Islamabad International Airport, linked with Kashmir Highway.

Airport Green Gardens ​

Airport Green Gardens offers an uninterrupted underground electric supply, an international standard school system, lush green parks, fully equipped hospitals, a zoo, and a mosque. Additionally, there are highly qualified and trained security staff guarding and patrolling the vicinity.  

Airport Green Gardens has a modern commercial centre in development with commercial banks and a multination shopping brands chain, combining all the amenities needed to offer an ideal lifestyle. 

Bahria Golf City

Pakistan’s first branded golf resort offers a lifestyle with all the amenities needed for a stress-free life. Bahria Golf City is a 15-minute drive from the Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad. Bahria Golf City is a prized jewel in Bahria Town’s crown, known for its luxurious lifestyle. 

Luxury villas, a five-star hotel, apartments, a Sheraton golf and country club, a spa, and extensive retail shops with recreational and cultural facilities make Bahria Golf City a comprehensive and luxurious development 

This Bahria Golf City is an integrated community with all the features and amenities needed for day-to-day life. It features a state-of-the-art hospital with all the medical specialities, advanced diagnostic technologies, and outstanding services. The internationally envisioned school setup strengthens Pakistan’s future with premium educationalists and extracurricular activities.  

Additionally, the mesmerising architecture of the mosque was provisioned for its residents, depicting the true essence of Islam. Moreover, large spacious halls and gardens cater to your special occasions, providing the perfect ambience and magic touch whilst serving hundreds of guests. Mouth-watering cuisine options at restaurants offer irresistible delights for dining out with family or business meetings.  

Finally, the hotel’s health and fitness centre for a healthy and refreshing lifestyle has a relaxing and unwinding spa, offering pampering services for your mind and body. The added aviary and zoo provide a fun and adventurous life experience that allows you to enjoy the worldwide greenery and exotic bird experiences.  

And what would be the experience of living in this magnanimous golf city without enjoying the masterfully crafted 18-hole golf course designed by Mr. Thomas J. Brown? Challenge and improve your game whilst enjoying these broad fairways undulating towards the green.  

DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi

DHA is nestled along the Grand Trunk Road and Islamabad Highways, divided into numerous phases from 1 to 6. DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi offers a luxurious lifestyle filled with day-to-day amenities. DHA exhibits peace and harmony with security, luxury, and convenience as Phase 1 and 2 sectors are now fully urbanised.  

DHAI-R offers all the facilities needed to meet everyday lifestyles and provides an immeasurable outing location to make your lifestyle even more pleasant. For instance, Jacaranda Family Club offers imperial and banquet halls with Chinese restaurants and luxury guest rooms.  

DHAI-R facilitates all the advanced amenities at the doorstep whilst offering residents security and an uninterrupted power supply. In addition, the modern commercial area, internationally envisioned school setups, parks, playing areas, and jogging tracks add to the lifestyle for everyone to reach.  

Capital Smart City

This RDA approved housing society is located at the Chakri and M2 Motorway. Capital Smart City is planning to be eco-friendly with 18-lane boulevards and is attracting huge investors from all over the world, with completion expected to be in 2024.  

Capital Smart City is bringing the golf club and Movenpick hotels and resort chain, providing its residents with a modern style luxury life. Not just this, Capital Smart City is bringing international-level entertainment and has agreed with the National Defense University to develop a world-class institution.  

The Capital Smart City layout plan has been approved for development, covering health facilities, commercial and residential spaces, waterbodies, religious and educational facilities, and active and passive green recreations.  

There is much more to come, not just the life amenities but breathtaking and exhilarating shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, Silicon Valley, Financial Square, and business parks.  

Faisal Town

Situated on the Rawalpindi-Kohat Road and adjacent to the M1 Motorway, Faisal Town is a strategically located, beautiful, and affordable residential project which has left a remarkable impression in the real estate industry. This society is also accessible from the Fateh Jhang Road Interchange. It has easy access to different motorways and is about 5-10 minutes from major trunks.  

Faisal Town LOP is currently approved for two phases and three blocks, A, B, and C, with easy instalment payment plans. Faisal Town brings an eco-friendly, smart housing scheme with a business and commercial hub.  

Faisal Town ​

Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia Housing Scheme (FHS) is located at the Tarnol Interchange at the extended limits of the Islamabad Territory and is close to the Islamabad International Airport. Whilst offering the connection to significant trunks for effortless access, the Fazaia Housing Scheme is building bridges to reduce distances between the twin cities for easy access.  

After securing a strategic location, the Fazaia Housing Scheme focuses on providing its residents with affordable yet luxurious lifestyle amenities. It aims to develop golf courses, parks, sports courts, green spaces, community centres, gyms, and more.  

FHS also incorporates eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances whilst harvesting renewable resources like rainwater, solar energy, waste recycling, and green building materials to reduce environmental impact.  

Currently, 150 houses and three plazas are ready, whilst over 50 homes and 4 plazas are under construction or ready for possession.  

Taj Residencia

Located at the Bhata Road, Taj Residencia is a private housing scheme developed by the Sardar Group of Companies from Iraq, which originally focused on the automotive dealing industry. Between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Taj Residencia has become more appealing and profitable. It allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the twin cities whilst remaining close to each other.  

There are 14 blocks to develop in the Taj Residencia with plans for villas, residential, and commercial areas. With up to 2.5 years of instalment plans for residential plots, Taj Residencia has offered an affordable payment schedule for interested buyers.  

Whilst the basic amenities are being settled here, Taj Residencia is anticipated to develop a Centaurus Mall 2 with international standard hospitals and quality education. 

Gandhara City

It is one of the most state-of-the-art accomplished societies, which features serenity, luxury, and all the amenities of the daily lifestyle. Gandhara City aims to develop and provide a great living environment whilst raising lifestyle standards.  

Gandhara City has a strategic location for its residents, giving them direct access to the New International Airport and easy access to highways. It brings innovation to the housing communities with hi-tech securities, play areas, waste management, uninterrupted power supply, and wide road networks.  

Safari Enclave 2

After the success of the Safari Enclave I in Rawalpindi, Phase 2 is already in development in Islamabad under a team of expert architects and engineers, builders, interior and exterior designers, and many more. Safari Enclave has won many clients’ trust by providing promising real estate services.  

The Safari Enclave 2 is being developed near the Chakri Interchange, just a few minutes from the airport and Islamabad City. The Grand Mosque is anticipated to be built at the heart of the society.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To confirm the status of a housing project, go to the Rawalpindi Development Approved website. In the Private Housing Societies section, check the status of the scheme you are looking for.

NOC is a certificate given to any real estate agent or housing society for transactions related to plot sales or the development of its complete infrastructure 

RDA approval ensures the project meets the essential development and infrastructure standards whilst ensuring its residents’ safety. It continuously improves modern world standards for residents by improving metropolis-wide development work.  

The RDA provides a list of approved housing schemes authorised to continue with the development. RDA-approved societies guarantee top-notch infrastructure and development standards. With their NOC, you can be confident that these societies are built after quality standards and are secure investments. 

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