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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

In this modern era of innovation, roof ceilings are created with unique and sophisticated designs, paving the way to current living standards. Roof ceilings are made from different materials, with varying costs. The price of roof ceilings in Pakistan varies from city to city.  

Nowadays, engineering has massively revolutionised. New patterns and designs of roof ceilings, especially metal, dropped, and suspended ceilings, have been introduced, giving an exquisite taste to living standards.  

Roof Ceiling Price in Pakistan

Roof Ceiling Price in Pakistan

Pakistan prices for roof ceilings are variable depending on the material used. PVC is different from gypsum; the same goes for other materials used in ceilings. We have composed a list of materials often used in roof ceilings and have also mentioned their prices for you to calculate your budget accordingly.  

  • PVC ceiling 
  • Gypsum

PVC Ceiling

For their low cost and maintenance, PVC ceilings have become famous for their use in homes and commercial designs. PVC roof ceiling prices in Pakistan typically start from 100 PKR. PVC offers an accessible mode of updating the lifestyle without breaking the bank. However, it is available in different categories, which you can choose for your home decor 

PVC Ceiling ​

They are known for their durability and quick installation, saving time and labour. 

Types of PVC Ceilings

The PVC ceilings are available in the Pakistani market, offering unique characters and aesthetic benefits.  

  • Laminated PVC Ceiling Sheet. This gives a wooden feel and look, making any space a natural and warm atmosphere. It is perfect for both residential and commercial setups. 
  • Stretch PVC Ceiling Sheet. Boasting an elegant and modern appearance, renowned for its smooth surface, it produces an uninterrupted visual effect.  This has become popular for its minimalistic and contemporary designs.  
  • Printed PVC Ceiling Sheet. Bringing creativity and personality into the ceiling design brings limitless design possibilities with printed custom images or intricate patterns.  
  • Extruded PVC Ceiling Sheet. This is well known for its strength and durability, ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and moisture resistance.


The most widely used and fantastic home décor roof ceiling, Gypsum gives a warm and relaxing feeling. Above all, history has made the best architecture out of it. Its tile price ranges between 70 to 100 PKR per square foot.  

Gypsum is used mainly for suspension on metal grids suspended from the ceiling joist or beams. They are available in a variety of textures and finishes with different patterns.  

Gypsum Tiles

Other Materials

Besides the PVC and Gypsum, other materials are often used for roof ceilings. These materials include wood and metal, which architects and designers use to create new outlooks for the house or office.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PVC ceilings are suitable for both spaces and are safe to use. 

No, PVC is low cost and maintenance ceiling, workable virtually everywhere. 

Whilst Gypsum ceilings are the go-to option for false ceilings, Plasterboard is the next best option as it is lightweight and bears the same properties as Gypsum.  


Final Words

The roof ceiling prices in Pakistan are relatively inexpensive, but how much it is used and what design you are developing will determine the budget. There are multiple options for roof ceilings that offer unique properties to the ceiling.  

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