RUDN Enclave Islamabad

Your Home in the Heart of Nature
RUDN Enclave Islamabad covers an area of 15,000 Kanal, offering a blend of urban living and serene natural surroundings. Situated on the outskirts of Islamabad, it presents residents with scenic views of the Margalla Hills, creating a breathtaking experience each morning. The charm of this location works its magic to draw you towards the waters of Khasala Dam, thoughtfully designed to serve as a family destination for the residents.

Welcome to RUDN Enclave Islamabad

RUDN Enclave offers a variety of modern amenities and facilities to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. Whether you are looking for plots, elegant farmhouses, or commercial plots with state-of-the-art infrastructures, this society provides a convenient living space for everyone. Its strategic location near Rawalpindi Ring Road, M2 Motorway, and Islamabad International Airport ensures connectivity to the rest of the city.

This project is currently under development with a team of experts and international standard machinery working 24/7. If you are interested in investing in this real estate project, feel free to contact Legend Properties, and our team of professionals will assist you in this profitable investment opportunity.

Rudn Enclave Islamabad

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Location

RUDN Enclave has a strategic positioning on the map, situated between two water dams: the Khasala Dam to the northeast and the Jawa Dam to the southwest. It is also conveniently located near Adyala Road, a two-way highway road. The prime area of RUDN Enclave also extends towards Chakri Road in the direction.

Moreover, there are plans for Rawalpindi Ring Road to serve as an access route to this community, providing connections to G.T Road, Rawalpindi City, and Islamabad.

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Accessible Routes

Owing to its location near the highway, RUDN Enclave Islamabad only takes a short drive from the major landmarks in the city, including:
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Rudn Enclave Road

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Nearby Landmarks

Rudn Enclave Nearby Landmarks
This amazing neighbourhood is covered by hills that never fail to captivate onlookers with its mesmerising beauty. To provide better accommodations to the residents, the developers ensured its seamless proximity to major landmarks and attractions. Some of the landmarks near this community include:

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Owners and Developers

The primary owners and developers of RUDN Enclave are RMRSCO Private Limited and NESPAK, along with the collaboration of UPDL RMRSCO (Pvt) Ltd. and UDPL for the construction work. Their goal is to ensure that the people of Pakistan experience the top offers of international-standard societies at affordable rates. Both companies are well-known for their more than ten years of experience, and their staff has all the expertise and intensive experience in the construction industry.

Both top-tier development companies have shown that RUDN Enclave is the solution to the demand for quality in Pakistan’s real estate market. Some of their successful past projects include:

Rudn Enclave owners and developers

RUDN Enclave Islamabad LOP Status

RUDN Enclave Islamabad LOP Status

RUDN Enclave LOP has been officially approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). This is excellent news for all the community members, investors, realtors, and everyone involved in the housing project, serving as proof of the management’s serious commitment to legalising and increasing society’s intrinsic value.

As per the owners, this housing scheme will continue to get all the required permissions from the relevant authorities until the last milestone for development.

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Master Plan

The master plan for RUDN Enclave was designed by NESPAK and comprises multiple blocks within the society. It is divided into three sectors: A, B, and C. Each block of residential area has a commercial area planned as well.

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Salient Features

The developers have also introduced easy instalments in the RUDN Enclave Payment Plan 2024 to cater to low-income families. Contact us today to learn more!

RUDN Enclave Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

What makes this society different is its commitment to providing residents with everything under one umbrella. As per RUDN Enclave latest news, the society has been allotted more advanced and contemporary features that will make the society futuristic and less vulnerable to fraud. Check out some of the top proposed features of RUDN Enclave Islamabad:

Underground Power and Electricity

The society has planned to integrate underground wires to make electricity reliable, ensuring residents can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply throughout the day.

Jogging Tracks

To promote a healthy and active lifestyle, the management has proposed majestic jogging tracks that will offer scenic surroundings on the way to your fitness routine.

Water Theme Park

Experience the city’s most thrilling water rides and attractions, where you can enjoy a fun day and unforgettable moments with your family in a beautiful water theme park.

Educational City

We all want our children to get the best education in top-tier institutes, and that is precisely the experience residents will get with the society’s educational hubs.


You will get peace of mind in a secure environment safeguarded by advanced technology and around-the-clock personnel security who are always on the go.

Community Center

Social interactions are necessary for the betterment of society. This housing society will offer a community centre where residents can initiate and partake in multiple events.

Sky Walk Bridge

First in Pakistan! Residents will witness the breathtaking experience whilst skywalking on the bridge and enjoying scenic views and beautiful architecture.

Yacht Area

Live a luxury lifestyle like never before with excellent waterfront retreats that will take you to the shores of Islamabad in a gorgeous yacht.

Sports Complex

Everyone who is a sports enthusiast will love to live here because the society is working on providing multiple sports opportunities for an active lifestyle.

International Standard Zoo

Let your kids see the most beautiful birds and animals running freely inside an artificial safari. The society has invested in bringing international caretakers as well.

Investment Opportunities in RUDN Enclave Islamabad

Within just a year, RUDN Enclave has emerged as one of the most futuristic societies in Pakistan, with huge prospects for investors. If you want to make this smart investment and earn good ROI, call a RUDN Enclave authorised dealer to know the best opportunities. This project is worth investing in because of:

Strategic Location

The society is situated in a rapidly growing area near Islamabad and will witness a good amount of appreciation in the property value within the next 5 years.

Innovative Real Estate Approach

Far from the traditional approach of housing societies, RUDN Enclave has planned perfectly to offer families easy instalments so everyone can enjoy the lifestyle they dream of.

A Secure Place with Easy Access

Investors will always look for real estate properties with easy access to airports and highways. The society is close to some of the main roads and landmarks.

Long-Term Growth

Modern urban living has made people think about living peacefully if all the amenities are available. The society is set to become a hot-demand investment opportunity.

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