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Steel Rates in Pakistan – Factors Influencing Its Pricing 

Written by: Souman Massod
Written by: Souman Massod
Reviewed by: Majid Hussain
Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Saria or steel rates in Pakistan succumbed to inflation and raised to alarmingly high levels. It is a vital part of reinforced concrete and is widely used in Pakistan’s construction sector. Today’s steel rate has shown a fair amount of consistency in 2024. However, there were slight fluctuations in steel grade 40 and 60 costs.  

Investors and builders may maximise building initiatives by making educated judgments and comprehending Pakistan’s current market dynamics of steel rates. Let us dive into and discuss steel prices today, the market state, and potential effects on construction projects. 

Steel Rates in Pakistan

Steel Rates in Pakistan

Despite the economic fluctuations in Pakistan, consistency has been observed in the steel rates in 2024. We have collected the data for today’s steel rate per kg, which is listed below: 

Sr.# Name Brand Date Weight Price
1 Amreli 60-Grade Steel Bar Amreli Steels 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 272-274
2 Kamran 60-Grade Steel Bar Kamran Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 266-268
3 FF 60-Grade Steel Bar FF Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 267-269
4 SJ 60- Grade Steel Bar SJ Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 264-266
5 Mughal Supreme - Grade Steel Bar Mughal Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 264-266
6 Mughal Steel Bar Mughal Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 264-266
7 Moiz Steel 60-Grade Steel Bar Moiz Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 260-262
8 AF Steel 60-Grade Steel Bar AF Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 266-268
9 Agha Steel Agha Steel 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 269-271
10 Sheikhoo steel Sheikhoo 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 272-274
11 Aziz Steel Aziz 4-Jan-24 Per Kg 266-268

What Is the Difference Between Steel Grades 40 and 60?

Steel grade varies depending on the carbon content during the steel manufacturing process. Grade 40 steel has about 0.40% carbon content, a yield strength of 40 KSI, and a tensile strength of 420 MPA 

Steel Grades 60

60-grade steel is helpful for more significant buildings and bridges as it offers more tensility and strength for durability.  

Top Steel Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan steel rates vary depending on the raw material, quality, or other factors like transportation costs, asking the prices to be variable in different cities. Pakistan’s steel industry is recognised by several influential mills, significantly contributing towards the nation’s economic landscape. 

Top Steel Companies in Pakistan

Here are the Pakistan’s top steel mills: 

  • Mughal Steel Mills 
  • Safa Steel Mills 
  • Agha Steel Mills 
  • Ittefaq Steel Mills 
  • Ittehad Steel Mills 
  • A.F. Steel Mills 
  • Chenab Steel Mills 
  • Maqsood Steel Mills 
  • Amaan Steel Mills 
  • Pakistan Steel Mills 
  • Aisha Steel Mills 

Steel price has been facing a global rise in recent months; however, due to Pakistan’s demand, its price has remained stable, but it does not mean the price could not see a rise here. The cost of steel can continue to rise due to increased demand.

What Factors Determine the Steel Rate in Pakistan?

Here are a few factors that cause the rise in the steel price: 

  • Global steel cost 
  • Supply and demand 
  • Steel availability 
  • Government policies 
  • Natural disasters and supply distribution

Global Steel Cost

Pakistan imports a sizeable amount of steel, which defines its steel price. Thus, any abrupt change in the global market price can impact the steel rates.

Supply and Demand

These last few months, the price of steel remained consistent depending on the steady demand, influenced by the booming expansion of the building industry or other infrastructure initiatives. So, the demand keeps the prices stable, but any unexpected increase may strain the supply system.  

Steel Availability

What impacts the steel price most is its availability; if there is a shortage in the supply, the prices also increase, whilst the case is reversed when there is an excess supply of steel.  

Government Policies

Whilst the government works to aid the public and companies and develop more friendly policies, some policies may negatively impact the market and influence the rise in the steel rate.  

Natural Disasters and Supply Disruptions

Any natural calamity that restricts the steel supply will impact the pricing, resulting in manufacturing hold-ups, transportation issues, and more.  

Future Trends Outlook for Steel Rates in Pakistan

However, the steel rate today is stable; there are some key points to consider for future market trends: 

  • Economic and market circumstances 
  • Global trends 
  • Government steel policies

Economic and Market Circumstances

Construction sector performance and Pakistan’s economic health are the driving forces in stabilising the steel rates. The steel rates remain unchanged as long as the demand remains stable in Pakistan 

Global Trends

Significant global market changes may impact steel prices, but these can be predicted by monitoring the global market and forecasting the trends.  

Government Steel Policies

The import of steel may change as the steel regulatory environment changes. Government policies may significantly influence the definition of steel prices in the future.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Supply and demand or global market trends influence steel rates, most importantly 

Steel falls under the metal category, which shows erratic behaviour. It can also face supply interruptions, which makes investing in the steel sector as hazardous as possible.  

Over time, many big and small steel industries have flourished in the market. Today, around six hundred steel mills work in Pakistan to meet the country’s demand for supplies 

Final Verdict

Currently, the steel rates in Pakistan are observing stability, which is more beneficial for the builders and infrastructure initiatives. However, with the changing demands and global market trends, Pakistan’s steel supplies may fluctuate in the rates.

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