Tallest Buildings in Pakistan – Through the Modern Lens  

Picture of Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

In recent years, Pakistan has become home to many tall iconic buildings, mesmerising the residents with captivating scenic views. These sky-rise towers present an architectural marvel attracting not just locals but tourists to visit them as well.  

Habib Bank Plaza in Karachi was Pakistan’s first tallest building. Constructed in 1963, it reached the extreme heights of the plaza ever built.  Karachi built the highest tower in Pakistan first, Islamabad second, and Lahore third. 

Tallest Buliding In Pakistan

Tallest Buildings in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan has developed immensely in the last few decades. From developing the modern housing style, it has also exerted huge efforts in creating mesmerising architecture. The following is a list of the tallest buildings in Pakistan list 

  • Bahria Icon Tower 
  • Dolmen Towers 
  • Centaurus Tower 
  • Ocean Tower MCB Tower 
  • Ufone Tower 
  • Arfa Software Technology Park 

Bahria Icon Tower

Karachi situated skyscraper, Bahria Icon Tower, but also a luxurious one with offices, apartments, and a hotel. It is located in Clifton neighbourhood and is in the vicinity of the Arabian Sea.  

Bahria Icon Tower

With white tomb architecture and royalty vibes, Grand Orchid has hosted a variety of celebrity shoots for magazines. Cooperative management caters to customers every step of the way, making the overall event a memorable experience of a lifetime.  

Grand Orchid Farmhouse is in Dubai Town near Raiwind Road, Lahore.  

Dolmen Towers

Developed as twin towers of the same height and 40 floors, they are a mix of residential and commercial buildings with recreational spaces. They are part of the Dolmen City complex in Karachi and are known for high-end amenities with modern design.  

Centaurus Tower

The mixed-use high-rise building in Islamabad features a hotel, residential floor, and office towers with a shopping mall. Centaurus Mall is a leading shopping centre for myriad national and international brands, with a food court offering different tantalising cuisines.  

Ocean Tower

With high-end living facilities and a location in the centre of Karachi, Ocean Tower is among the biggest buildings in Pakistan. It has become popular among those looking to work in offices with high-end amenities 

Ocean Tower

MCB Tower

Karachi’s tall commercial building was completed in 2012 and stands at 173 meters.  

Ufone Tower

In the blue area of Islamabad, Ufone Tower is a 26-floor tall building which started the same year as Centaurus in 2005. It was designed by Nespak and was constructed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Trust. 

Arfa Software Technology Park

It is not ideally the tallest building in Pakistan but surely the tallest in the IT world. The Punjab Information Technology Board owns it and comprises 17 floors. 

Arfa Software Technology Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Bahria Icon Tower is the tallest building in Pakistan, with about 60 floors. It has changed Karachi’s skyline, touching new heights. 

Lahore has limited buildings that are touching the sky. However, Arfa Software Technology Park is the tallest leader here. 

Ufone Tower is a 26-storey building which the famous NESPAK designed. 

Pakistan’s architecture is developing daily and improving the country’s aesthetics and cultural trends whilst picking with modern elegance. The tallest buildings in Pakistan are getting more traction and tourists each day, bringing the world closer to Pakistan’s culture. 

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