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In this article, we have listed the biggest real estate companies in Australia that go beyond the extra mile to provide you with the best customer service, whether you are a buyer, seller, or others. Discover what makes these firms stand out. 

Top Real Estate Companies in Australia

Top Real Estate Companies in Australia

Regarding real estate, Australia offers huge profits from investments. Fortunately, Australia’s top real estate companies continuously provide the best option that suits your needs.  

The following are the current top 10 real estate companies in Australia: 

  • Ray White 
  • Stockdale & Leggo 
  • Frasers Property 
  • Meriton 
  • Harcourts 
  • Century 21 
  • LJ Hooker 
  • Raine & Horne 
  • Barry Plant Real Estate 
  • First National 

Ray White

Ray White started as a small business in a shed in 1902 in a small regional town in Queensland. But now, it has grown into a multi-national real estate group with over 1,000 offices worldwide.  

Ray White is a family business that has been running for four generations. It values family, which is why its many franchised real estate agencies are family-owned businesses. Ray White specialises in residential, commercial, rural property and livestock sales, leasing, marine, property management, off-the-plan projects. The group sells over $95 billion worth of property every year!  

The group has an unwavering mission to foster pride in every relationship and transaction it undertakes. It also provides an excellent environment that empowers talented individuals to reach their full potential and build outstanding careers and businesses.  

The best part is that being part of the Ray White group means you have unique advantages and opportunities for success. The group enables leadership and allows their business leaders to build something they can be proud of. 

Stockdale & Leggo

Stockdale & Leggo is a renowned brand in the real estate community that has been around for several decades. The company was founded in 1936 with a single office in Melbourne and has since expanded its reach across Victoria and into Queensland. 

The brand is built upon two pillars, respect and integrity, at the core of everything it does. It conducts business professionally and work closely with its clients, customers, key stakeholders, and team members. 

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Australia

The company is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for its clients and their families. 

The company has a rich history in real estate, which is embraced by the current owners, Charlotte Pascoe and Ben Thomas. Charlotte is the company’s CEO, overseeing all the organisation’s operations and leading its franchises. She joined Stockdale & Leggo in 2018 as General Manager and quickly became CEO in June 2020 with over 18 years of experience in the real estate industry. 

Ben Thomas is a proud third-generation professional with sound real estate and development knowledge. He focuses on supporting the team to achieve the best client results. Ultimately, Stockdale & Leggo’s goal is to provide clients with high service and care and to get them the results they deserve. 

Frasers Property

Frasers Property is a multinational company specialising in developing, owning, and managing a diverse and integrated portfolio of properties. The company is listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited and has its headquarters in Singapore. As of 30 September 2023, the Group has assets worth approximately S$39.8 billion. 

Frasers Property’s assets cover various property types across Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and China, including residential, retail, commercial, business parks, industrial, and logistics. The company also has a well-established hospitality business that owns and operates serviced apartments and hotels in over 70 cities and 20 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Frasers Property is dedicated to enriching customer and stakeholder experiences by utilising its extensive knowledge across markets. The company is on a mission to define its shared purpose – “Inspiring experiences, creating places for good.” Frasers Property believes it can make a real difference in improving the overall quality of life through the places it builds and the experiences it generates. 

The company has also established a corporate unit focused on capital partnerships with long-term strategic institutional investors. This aligns with its capital management strategy to diversify capital sources for pursuing market opportunities with more agility. Frasers Property has worked with different investors and developers over the years who recognise the strong capabilities it has built across its asset classes and markets. With this set-up, the company aims to pursue mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded capital partners by offering relevant investment opportunities across the Group. 


Meriton is a private company established in 1963 and has played a significant role in the Australian landscape. The company has designed, developed, and built over 78,000 apartments, including some of the tallest residential towers across the east coast of Australia.  

Meriton offers sales, leasing, and property management services, and its luxury accommodation brand, Meriton Suites, has 23 locations nationwide. The company’s founder and managing director is Harry Triguboff, a billionaire property entrepreneur who is still actively involved in the design and construction of all projects. 

Meriton takes a comprehensive approach to development, controlling all aspects of the process from site acquisition and design to construction, sales, marketing, and interior design. The company is committed to site selection, ensuring projects are near transportation, education, employment, and retail hubs.  

Meriton is an award-winning property developer that creates sustainable mixed-use developments. Their team of town planners, architects, and engineers collaborate with councils and governments to integrate apartments, retail, and commercial spaces. With over 60 years of experience, Meriton is committed to environmentally responsible building practices and ensures that each development has a minimal environmental impact. 


Harcourts is a real estate company that has been operating since 1888. The company takes pride in offering various real estate services to local communities and international networks. Harcourts is committed to helping clients achieve the best possible results in their real estate transactions. The company assists individuals looking for the right real estate professional and those looking to advance their real estate careers. 

At Harcourts, every contact with the company, no matter how small, is treated with importance. The company aims to add value and elevate others by providing a helping hand.  

Real Estate Companies in Australia

Harcourts is a real estate company known for its knowledge, honesty, and integrity. The team develops genuine relationships with its clients and invests in its team to provide excellent service. Harcourts’ open, collaborative approach is built on trust and honesty, resulting in personal referrals and repeat business. 

Century 21

Century 21 is a global real estate company established in July 1994 in Australia. The company is owned and chaired by Charles Tarbey, who has over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry. Before forming Century 21, Tarbey was the Chairman and Owner of Combined Real Estate Pty Ltd. 

Century 21 has firmly established its reputation and has become one of the fastest-growing real estate networks in the Australasia region. The company has over 220 independently owned and operated offices throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand. It is the most recognised global real estate company, providing premium results for people buying, selling, or renting real estate through its network. 

The company’s philosophy, underpinned by Tarbey’s vision, aims to maintain Century 21’s position as the leading real estate company in the world and ensure that its valued customers always receive exceptional service. The company has implemented high training and ethical standards for its network, which is one of the reasons for its success and reputation. 

Century 21 is a customer-oriented real estate company with experienced and expert agents. They offer state-of-the-art tools and technology to make buying, selling, or renting property easier and aim to lead the industry with a focus on customer service. 

LJ Hooker

LJ Hooker, established in 1928, has become Australia’s most iconic real estate network. With over 400 offices, the network has become one of Australasia’s largest residential and commercial sales and property management networks. The company has over 4,000 sales professionals, property managers, and support team members. LJ Hooker sold more than AUD$28 billion in real estate last year and manages one of the largest property portfolios in the region, worth AUD$81 billion. 

LJ Hooker has consecutively won Real Estate Business’ Australian Major Network of the Year, Marketing and Digital Network of the Year, and Training and Education Program of the Year awards, supporting its #1 position. The company has also raised over $350,000 for its charity partners and those in need through the LJ Hooker Foundation.  

LJ Hooker Commercial provides a full suite of commercial services under the LJ Hooker Commercial brand, including buying, selling, and leasing real estate for commercial or investment purposes. Over the past century, the company and its teams have played a significant part in the nation’s development. Now, 90 years since its inception, LJ Hooker stands apart from its peers as the most trusted real estate brand in Australia. 

Raine & Horne

Raine & Horne is a well-established real estate brand serving the Australian property market since 1883. It was founded in Sydney by Tom Raine and Joseph Horne, who laid the foundation for the company’s business practices that are still followed today. The company offers personalised services in various areas of property management, such as sales, leasing, management and consulting.  

Initially, land agents had to manage residential sales, valuations, consultancy, and rent collection. Over time, the company expanded under the guidance of property expert Max Raine and adopted a franchising business model in 1976. Since then, the company has grown substantially, with offices in different parts of Australia and globally.  

Raine & Horne is a multinational real estate network recognised as an Australian super brand. It offers various property services, including Residential, Commercial, Rural, and Our Broker financial services. The company provides clients with extensive market and demographic information and a platform to market property internationally. Under Executive Chairman Angus Raine, it has grown into its fourth generation of family ownership with high national sales figures. 

Raine & Horne Commercial was launched in 1984 and offers Australia-wide coverage through its network of over 30 offices. Raine & Horne Rural agents cater to farming, cropping, grazing, and livestock sectors, whilst Our Broker provides accredited mortgage-broking services and a range of financial services. With expertise and commitment to excellence, Raine & Horne is a trusted name in the real estate industry. 

Barry Plant Real Estate

Barry Plant Real Estate is a high-powered and efficient network that has come a long way since its modest beginnings as a few offices in Melbourne. The first Barry Plant office was opened in Temples Towe in 1979, and over the next two decades, several more offices were established across Melbourne’s northeast and southeast parts.  

In 1999, Barry Plant merged with EJ Doherty Real Estate to form Barry Plant Doherty, which included 15 Barry Plant offices and 16 EJ Doherty Real Estate offices under the leadership of Barry Plant and Vic Care, respectively. 

Barry Plant Real Estate values quality over quantity and provides the highest quality services to its clients. The company aims to support clients in achieving their goals whilst maintaining honour and integrity.  

From July 1999 to December 2005, Barry Plant Doherty doubled in size to 60 offices, covering a significant part of metropolitan Melbourne. In early 2006, the group expanded its operations to regional Victoria and dropped “Doherty” from its name to become Barry Plant Real Estate again. In 2016, the company opened its first South Australian office and now has a network of over 70 offices committed to achieving the best results for clients’ properties. 

First National

First National has been an industry real estate financing company for over 30 years. The company has become a recognised and respected leader in residential and commercial financing. Despite this growth, First National has maintained its core values of trust, honesty, transparency, delivery, ingenuity, responsiveness, and partnership. 

Real Estate Agents in Australia

The firm believes that productive growth comes from taking the initiative and consistently redefining what it means to embrace opportunities and adapt to change. 

First National values relationships, reputation, honesty, transparency, and consistency. They invest in clients’ dreams beyond business, deliver reliable service with realistic expectations, and are responsive to clients’ needs. The company encourages diverse perspectives and believes in growth, development, and career ownership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a buyer’s agent, consider their experience, local knowledge, communication skills, and track record of successful transactions. 

The recent data suggests that the total dwellings in Australia have risen to about $10,267.4 billion, representing a $261.0 billion increase in the last quarter.  

Residential real estate experienced a slight decline from December 2021 to November 2022, going from $9.6 trillion to $9.4 trillion. This reflects a 13.3 percent decrease in annual sales compared to the previous year.  

Final words

Among Australia’s top real estate companies, Ray White, Stockdale & Leggo, Frasers Property, and Meriton are just a few of the many successful ones that operate in the market. Each has unique qualities that make them stand out, but they all share the goal of providing excellent service and achieving the best outcome for their clients. These companies have proven expertise in buying, selling, renting, or investing in property, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve their real estate goals. 

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