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Today, protective sheets are used widely across Pakistan. Thus, UV sheet prices in Pakistan are dramatically higher among others for their benefits and use in daily households. We have compiled the best information available about UV sheets, including their price, features, types, manufacturers, and drawbacks. 

UV Sheet Price in Pakistan

How to Measure UV Sheets?

UV sheets are typically measured by their thickness and area, with thickness ranging from 1.5 to 3 mm and area varying in sizes, such as 8 × 4 square feet. 

How to Measure UV Sheets?

Types of UV Sheets in Pakistan

  • Acrylic UV Sheets 
  • PVC UV Sheets 
  • Fiberglass UV Sheets 
  • Multiwall UV Sheets 
  • HDPE UV Sheets

UV Sheet Price in Pakistan

The following table shows the prices of different types of UV sheets available in Pakistan. Each sheet is 4 feet by 8 feet. Take a look here before you buy the UV sheet.  

Sr. No. UV Sheet Type Size Price in Pkr
1 MDF Uv Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 4500
2 Wardrobe UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 6200
3 UV High Glass Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 9500
4 Modern Kitchen UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 10000
5 Light UV Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 5000
6 Lamination Chip Board 8×4 Feet Rs. 2900
7 Super Gloss Sheet 8×4 Feet Rs. 1500

UV Sheet Manufacturers in Pakistan

Following are the UV sheet manufacturers in Pakistan:

  • Hamza Traders 
  • Lyallpur Store 
  • AR Traders 
  • Hafiz Plywood 
  • Maqsood and Sons Plywood 
  • Skylite Sheet 

List of UV Sheets Industries in Pakistan

We have gathered a few reliable sheets suppliers in Pakistan that sell either wholesale or retail. The list includes: 

  • Chawla Aluminum and Board Light Sheet 
  • Thermopore Insulation Sheet Company 
  • Hamid Awais & Brothers 
  • AR Traders 
  • Patex Experience Centre 
  • Hafiz Plywood 
  • Maqsood & Sons Plywood 
  • Hamza Traders 

Features of UV Sheets

Moisture Resistant

UV sheets have a protective coating that makes them moisture-resistant and suitable for kitchens where they may contact with water. 

Easy to Clean

A smooth surface makes cleaning UV sheets effortless. They can be wiped with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution to keep cabinets tidy. 

Wide Range of Colours and Patterns

UV sheets come in diverse colours and patterns, providing great customisation options and design flexibility. With the ability to replicate the look of wood grains, solid colours, or textured surfaces, these sheets offer endless opportunities to match different kitchen styles and preferences. 

Environment Friendly

Some UV sheets manufactured using eco-friendly processes and materials are low in VOCs and meet environmental standards, making them a sustainable choice for kitchen cabinets. 

Benefits of UV Sheets

UV sheets come with bundles of benefits. A few of them are: 

  • UV sheets are less in weight as compared to other materials like wood. 
  • Cleaning polycarbonate sheets is a straightforward process that involves wiping them down with a damp cloth. 
  • UV sheets are available in every colour of your choice with appealing designs. 
  • UV sheets typically have a tough external layer that offers scratch resistance, helping to keep cabinets looking new and reducing visible signs of wear and tear. 

Drawbacks of UV Sheets

Whilst UV sheets have their benefits, there are also a few drawbacks to their use, such as the following: 

  • UV sheets may be more expensive than other commonly used materials for making kitchen cabinets and cupboards. 
  • These sheets may bend or deflect in large spans or unsupported applications due to relatively lower rigidity. 
  • UV sheets may require more frequent cleaning than maintenance. 

Difference Between Lamination and UV Sheet

Lamination and UV sheets are different finishes commonly used in printing and packaging. Lamination involves applying a thin plastic film layer to paper or cardstock, creating a protective barrier that enhances durability and water resistance.  

On the other hand, a UV sheet is made of plastic that is treated to resist ultraviolet light. It is primarily used to safeguard printed material from fading or damage caused by exposure to sunlight; thus, it is ideal to use on cabinets and cupboards for protection. 

Difference Between Lamination and UV Sheet

Factors Affecting the Price of UV Sheets in Pakistan

Following are some of the critical factors that affect the prices of UV sheets in Pakistan: 

  • Material 
  • Thickness 
  • Colour 
  • Size 
  • UV Protection 
  • Quantity 


The cost of a UV sheet is primarily influenced by the type of material used in its manufacturing. For instance, acrylic sheets are generally more expensive than PVC UV sheets. Additionally, illustrated sheets are also pricier compared to other types of sheets. 


The price of the UV sheet is directly related to its thickness. Thicker sheets are more expensive than thinner ones. 


The larger the size is, the more expensive the sheet will be. 


Transparent sheets are more affordable than coloured UV sheets. Tinted UV sheets are even more expensive than plain UV sheets. If you have a higher budget, you can choose coloured products. Otherwise, transparent sheets are the best option for you. 

UV Protection

High-quality sheets with more reliable UV protection are expensive compared to low-quality sheets with low levels of UV protection. 


When you buy a large quantity of UV sheets, the price per sheet is often lower than if you were to buy them individually.  

UV sheets

Therefore, if you need to buy a significant quantity of UV sheets, it is worth asking the supplier about any discounts that may be available. 

Tips to Get the Best Price for the UV Sheet

Do Proper Research

Before finalising the purchase, research and compare prices from different suppliers to ensure the best deal. 

Try to Get the Sheets in Bulk

Buying in bulk often means lower prices as many suppliers offer discounts for bulk purchases


Negotiating with the supplier for a lower price is possible. If you have the skills to negotiate effectively, there is a high likelihood that you will secure a good deal for the sheets you wish to purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The sheets in kitchen cabinets are usually made of polycarbonate resin, a thermoplastic material. 

UV sheets are an eco-friendly and customisable solution to prevent humidity damage in your home whilst providing heat insulation. They are easy to install and waterproof. 

Our UV filter covers are made of durable acrylic or polycarbonate and have a built-in UV filter. They can be used to enclose UV equipment for protection. 


UV sheets are an excellent option for customising kitchen cabinets whilst ensuring durability and moisture resistance. They come in various sizes, materials, and colours and can be purchased from multiple suppliers in Pakistan. To provide a fair price, the price of UV sheets in Pakistan depends on several factors, such as material, thickness, size, colour, UV protection, and quantity. 

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