Water Tank Price in Pakistan – The Best Options in the Country 

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Water tanks, depending on their capacity, store considerable water reserves which can be very  helpful during emergencies. However, like all housing materials, water tank price in Pakistan consumes a part in housing budget. 

In this article, we list the different types of water tanks, covering their features, pricing factors, benefits, and some common queries about this housing material.  

Water Tank Price in Pakistan

Suppliers of Water Tanks in Pakistan

Several reputable companies in Pakistan offer a variety of water tank choices,including the following: 

  • Star Water Tanks 
  • Polycon Pakistan Sun International 
  • Pure Max Water Tank 
  • Al Rehman Dura Water Tanks 
  • Shandar Water Tanks 
  • Ittefaq Plastic Water Tank 
  • Dura Water Tanks 
  • Al Makkan Plastic Water Tank 
  • Al Jannat Water Tanks Industry 
  • Usama and Ubaid Water Tanks 
  • Sajid Water Tank 
  • Al Haram Water Tank 
  • Climax Water Tanks 
  • Water Tanks Shop 
  • Api Water Tank Unit 
  • Bawar Khan Water Supply Tank 
  • Wahdat Water Tanks Suppliers 
  • Baitun Water Supply System 
  • Insu Tank 
  • Al-Khair Water Tanks 
  • Star Stainless Steel Water Tanks 
  • Umar Tuff Water Tanks 

Prices of Different Types of Water Tanks in Pakistan

Water tank price in Pakistan varies according to their types. Concrete tanks and fibreglass tanks are different depending on the material and labour used upon their manufacture. Take a look at the different storage capacities of water tanks and their prices

Storage in Liters Size in Gallon Diameter in Inches Height in Inches Prices in PKR
400 105 30 42 Rs. 7,200
600 158 34 46 Rs. 10,800
800 211 38 50 Rs. 16,000
1000 264 40 54 Rs. 21,000
1200 317 43 57 Rs. 31,800
2000 528 51 67 Rs. 46,000

Underground Water Tanks:

Installing underground water tanks is a great space-saving solution. The prices typically range from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 46,000, depending on the material used and the capacity of the tank. 

Concrete Water Tanks:

Concrete water tanks are popular for commercial and industrial purposes due to their sturdiness and durability. Prices typically range between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 18,000. 

Stainless Steel Water Tanks:

Stainless steel water tanks are valued for their corrosion resistance and durability. Prices for these tanks generally range from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 21,000.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Plastic Water Tanks:

Due to their lightweight nature and budget-friendly pricing, this kind of tank has become an indispensable household item. Plastic water tank price in Pakistan is between Rs 3,500 and Rs 8,000. 

Fiberglass Tanks:

Fiberglass tanks have become increasingly popular due to their resistance to rust and corrosion. They are priced between Rs. 10,000-16,000

Fiberglass Tanks

Benefits of Water Tanks

Investing in a high-quality water tank offers numerous advantages, such that: 

  • Water tanks provide homeowners with a continuous and ample water supply during shortages or disruptions, especially when supplies are limited or interrupted. 
  • Homeowners can save money and reduce their environmental impact by collecting rainwater in residential water tanks. 
  • Water tanks are crucial for accessing clean drinking water during natural disasters and emergencies. 
  • Choosing the right size and type of water tank for your home depends on your water usage. 
  • When purchasing from different providers, buyers can compare warranties to protect them from future defects. 
  • They can easily keep track of additional fees or expenses associated with installation costs to determine the total cost and ease of installation. 
  • Water tanks are essential in protecting water against harmful impurities present in the environment, keeping water reserves clean even for a long time. 
  • Like the Dura Max model, plastic water tanks are more durable and have a longer lifespan than concrete or metal tanks. 
  • Plastic tanks have an advantage over their metallic counterparts because they do not rust, making them a more durable option. 
  • Plastic tanks are good insulators that help keep the temperature of stored water low. They prevent the water from getting too hot, which can be useful in certain situations.
  • Incorporating lightweight construction techniques can significantly minimise the additional structural pressure on buildings. 
  • Water tanks help preserve the quality of stored water, preventing unpleasant odours. This way, you can access clean and pure water anytime you need it without any pungent smell. 
  • Using elastic tank material enhances flexibility, reducing the risk of damage caused by impacts or jerks.
  • Water tanks come in various sizes to meet space and water storage requirements. This way, you can save extra in case of emergencies. 
  • Plastic tank surfaces are safe and do not emit radiation or release harmful chemicals into the water. 
  • Water tanks can be used with different water pipes, such as PVC, PPRC, and metallic options. 

Cons of Using a Water Tank

  • Installation requires a designated area 
  • Initial cost includes tank and installation fees 
  • Regular maintenance is necessary  
  • Failure to maintain the tank can result in leakage 
  • Smooth tank walls can promote fungal growth if nutrients are in the water. 

Essential Features to Look For!

Here is a list of the essential features you should look for when considering buying a water tank for your house: 

Material Composition:

When buying a water tank, look for plastic-made ones, as they provide a sizable water storage capacity and are more durable for houses.  


When purchasing a water tank, it is important to consider its availability in the market and repair equipment. 

Installation Convenience:

Installation is an important feature to look for when buying a water tank. This allows for a quick setup, reducing the labour cost. 


Water tanks made from plastic are designed to be lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and install. However, they are still reliable for their durability and longevity compared to the other types. 


Look for extensive water tanks if you need to expand your water storage system in future. You can connect several tanks in parallel if you need to increase storage in the future. 

Research Brands:

Research water tank brands with positive reviews and a solid history when buying one for your house. 

Water Tank Price in Pakistan 2024

Factors Affecting Water Tank Price in Pakistan

Understanding the factors that influence the pricing of water tanks in Pakistan can help consumers make an informed decision when purchasing one. 


The choice of construction material significantly influences the cost of constructing a water tank. Premium options like stainless steel or fibreglass are more costly than plastic or concrete. 


The price of a water tank is greatly influenced by its size or capacity. Larger tanks that store more water usually come at a higher premium than smaller ones. 


Respected and established brands usually offer high-quality water tanks at competitive prices. 

Additional Features:

Some water tanks have added features like UV protection, anti-algae coatings, and easy installation mechanisms that add value and drive price variations. 

How to Clean Water Tank

Cleaning a water tank is an important task that should be done regularly to ensure the water remains clean and safe for consumption. Here are the steps to clean a water tank: 

  • Before cleaning the tank, turn off the water supply to prevent any new water from entering. This step will ensure that you can drain the tank completely. 
  • Next, drain the tank completely by opening its tap at the bottom. To remove any remaining water, you can also use a pump. 
  • Once the tank is empty, remove any debris or sediment that may have accumulated at the bottom. You can use a scrub brush or a vacuum to clean the tank’s bottom and walls. 
  • Mix a cleaning solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:50 (1 part bleach to 50 parts water). For example, if you have a 500-litre tank, mix 10 litres of bleach with 490 litres of water. 
  • Pour the cleaning solution into the tank and fill it to the top. 
  • Allow the cleaning solution to sit in the tank for at least 2 hours to kill any bacteria or viruses that may be present. 
  • After the cleaning solution has sat for the recommended time, drain the tank and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. 
  • Once the tank is completely drained and rinsed, refill it with clean water. 
  • Finally, turn on the water supply and let the tank fill. You may need to run the water for a few minutes to flush out any remaining bleach or cleaning solution. 

Following these steps, you can ensure your water tank remains clean and free from harmful bacteria and viruses. 

It is essential to remember that the frequency of cleaning a water tank can vary based on the usage, location, and water quality. However, cleaning the tank at least once a year is generally recommended to ensure the water is clean and safe to consume. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of your water tank will depend on your household’s water needs and the available space for installation. 

Dura Max is considered the best tank for its longevity and quality. It has a proven track record of lasting longer for its price. 

Regular inspection and cleaning are crucial to maintain the functionality of a water tank and prevent cracks or leaks. 

Final Words

Water tank price in Pakistan vary depending on the type, size, and material used in their construction. Understanding the factors influencing these prices, such as capacity, material composition, and additional features, can help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing a water tank. Investing in a high-quality water tank offers numerous benefits, including uninterrupted water supply during shortages or disruptions, stress-free living, and emergency preparedness. With various sizes and brands, homeowners can easily find a water tank that meets their diverse requirements. 

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