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Picture of Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Islamabad is one of the new favourites among travellers, as the city, no doubt, never fails to captivate visitors with its mesmerising beauty and natural greeneries in the mountains. The best farmhouses in Islamabad know how to leverage their beauty, making them even more tantalising for tourists.  

Best FarmHouse In islamabad

Best Farmhouses in Islamabad

Islamabad is perfect for team or group outings as it offers every ideal lodging and recreational cuisine. Farmhouses in Islamabad, especially, house various activities, including hiking and trekking, for locals and touristsHere is a list of available Islamabad farmhouses that you can visit for a retreat: 

  • Bani Gala Farmhouse 
  • Mumtaz Khan Farmhouse 
  • Raja Adeel Abbasi Farmhouse 

Bani Gala Farmhouse

Among other beautiful, luxurious properties, the luxury farmhouse at Bani Gala stands out. Bani Gala offers a wonderful place to unwind during your vacation. It has all the modern life amenities, with free private and onsite parking and Wi-Fi in all areas.  

Besides these, Bani Gala luxury villa farmhouse serves its tourists with jacuzzi and wellness services.  

Best FarmHouse In Islamabad

Mumtaz Khan Farmhouse

With an ample open space for jogging, walking, and more, Mumtaz Farmhouse is a treat. It is located near Simply Dam Road, Islamabad Capital Territory, and offers an outdoor swimming pool and garden for parties or small functions. 

Raja Adeel Abbasi Farmhouse

With breathtaking sunset views, Raja Adeel Abbasi Islamabad Farmhouse is a place that creates lovely memories you may want to cherish forever. With excellent service, décor, and thought, this farmhouse is ideal for get-togethers, nikahs, and gatherings.  

Upcoming Farmhouse Projects in Islamabad

In recent years, many new housing projects have been developed. Most of these schemes also introduced farmhouses. 

Best FarmHouse In Islamabad

Frequently Asked Questions

Gulberg Green Farmhouses are Islamabad’s best farmhouses with premium infrastructure and location. 

In new projects like Bahria Town Agro and Gulberg Greens, the farmhouses are available at 14 months of easy instalment plans 

The capital smart city, which is close to the M2 motorway and Islamabad International Airport, has projects of farmhouses located in its green environment, ensuring a peaceful ecosystem for everyone. 

Farmhouses are the epitome of Pakistan’s traditional and cultural core, which blends with the modern Western culture, emerging as an amalgam that increasingly influences many people’s lifestyles. Farmhouses are perfect for creating memories and cherishing old ones. 

If you are interested in booking a farmhouse to make your event more delightful, let Legend Properties do it. Contact us for more information! 

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