5/10 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan

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Are you planning to build your dream house in Pakistan? If yes, you must know the 5 Marla house construction cost in Pakistan. Building a house is a major milestone and expense for most people, and knowing what the project costs beforehand is essential.  

The construction prices for 5 Marla houses vary depending on various factors such as location, materials, labour, and designs. Let us dive into the 5 Marla house construction costs and see the 10 Marla house construction cost in Pakistan.

5 Marla House Construction Price in Pakistan

5 Marla House Construction cost in Pakistan

5 Marla is a popular plot size for house construction in Pakistan. The construction cost of a five-marla house in Pakistan varies by location. However, on average, the estimated cost is around PKR 25-30 lakh. This includes construction materials, labour, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Regarding the design of a house in Pakistan, you can choose from various designs that suit your preference. The five Marla house design options include single-story and double-story houses.  

5 Marla House Construction

In terms of construction materials, the cost depends on the type and quality of materials used. The grey structure of the house, which includes the foundation, walls, and roof, is the most expensive part of the construction process. The cost of the grey structure for a 5-Marla house in Pakistan is around PKR 15-20 lakh. 

Construction Cost for 5 Marla House

If you want to build a double-storey house on a 5-Marla plot, the estimated cost is around PKR 35-40 lakh. The double-storey five-Marla house design includes a detailed plan for the first and second floors and the staircase design.  

Here is a detailed breakdown of the construction cost for the 5 Marla house: 

Materials Rate (Pkr) Quantity Cost (Pkr)
Foundation & Structure
Bricks + Rorhi 26/Unit 56262 1462812
Cement 1150/Bag 605 695750
Sand 87/Cft. 3025 263175
Crush 150/Cft. 1721 258150
Roof Insulation, Termite & Water Proofing
Roof Insulation 249/Sft. 146 36354
Termite Proofing 1700/Liter 5 8500
Water Proofing 114/Sft. 146 16644
Excavation & Steel Reinforcement
Excavation & Backfill + Ghassu 23/Cft. 3696 85008
Steel Reinforcement 258000/Tonne 3 774000
Plumbing Works
Cold and Hot Water Supply
25 mm o/d Pipe 107/Rft. 203 21,721
32 mm o/d Pipe 175/Rft. 81 14,175
40 mm o/d Pipe 268/Rft. 20 5,360
50 mm o/d Pipe 402/Rft. 25 10,050
Insulation Armaflex
32 mm o/d 452/Rft. 41 18,532
50 mm o/d 615/Rft. 25 15,375
Drainage System Piping
2" Dia. Pipe 260/Rft. 81 21,060
3" Dia. Pipe 350/Rft. 81 28,350
4" Dia. Pipe 170/Rft. 122 20,740
Gas Piping
GI Welded Pipeline 3/4” i/d 416/Rft. 152 63,232
Gas Cock 3/4" i/d 1335/Unit 2 2,670
Pumps and Drains
Booster Pump 0.75 HP 155000/Unit 1 155,000
Submersible Water Transfer Pump 1 HP 145500/Unit 1 145,500
Floor Drains 1710/Unit 7 11,970
AC Drainage System
1" dia Class "E" 110/Rft. 137 15,070
UPVC Pipeline for Sewerage System
6" dia Class "B" 714/Rft. 51 36,414
Electrical Works
Switches and Back Boxes
Power Sockets 1475/Socket 12 17,700
Fan Dimmer 1250/Dimmer 8 10,000
Universal Switch Socket 625/Socket 24 15,000
Telephone Sockets (RJ-11) 595/Socket 2 1,190
Distribution Board 110741/Unit 1 110,741
TV Sockets 495/Socket 5 2,475
Switch Boards 1390/Board 24 33,360
Conduits & Accessories
3/4” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories 30/Rft. 1013 30,390
1” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories 31/Rft. 304 9,424
1.5” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories 41/Rft. 35 1,435
2” dia. Electrical PVC Conduit with accessories 50/Rft. 41 2,050
PVC Ceiling Fan Hook 550/Unit 12 6,600
Wires & Cables
1.5mm Sq. (3/.029) PVC insulated Cu.conductor wire (Light point wiring) 4944/Coil 10 49,440
2.5mm Sq. (7/.029)PVC insulated Cu. conductor wire "Circuit wiring (Normal & UPS) & sockets Split AC 7931/Coil 10 79,310
4mm Sq. PVC insulated Cu. Conductor wire (Power Sockets wiring) Split AC 12360/Coil 5 61,800
Four core 16 mm Sq. PVC insulated Cu. conductor cable (From DB-GF to wapda Energy Meter) 1494/Rft. 70 104,580
Cat 5 for Telephone Cable 376/Rft. 51 19,176
TV Coaxial Cable for TV cable 357/Rft. 152 54,264
Lights, Fans and Chandeliers
Boundary Wall lights 1692/Light 2 3,384
Porch Lights 1692/Light 4 6,768
Bedroom Lights 1330/Light 12 15,960
Bathroom Lights 1330/Light 8 10,640
Open Area Lights 1330/Light 10 13,300
Kitchen Lights 3500/Light 8 28,000
Stair Case Lights 1400/Light 6 8,400
Drawing Room Lights 3928/Light 4 15,712
Living Area Lights 3928/Light 8 31,424
Ceiling Fans 9500/Fan 8 76,000
Exhaust Fans 5000/Fan 6 30,000
Wood, Metal and Tile Works
Paint and Ceiling Works
False Ceiling 130/Sft. 608 79,040
Paint 57/Sft. 8606 490,542
Tile Work
Floor Tiles 310/Sft. 2140 663,400
Floor Skirting 271/Sft. 748 202,708
Ceramic Tiles on Walls & Dado 289/Sft. 760 219,640
Wooden Doors
Main Entrance Door 101701/Door 1 101,701
Room Doors 38420/Door 4 153,680
Washroom and Other Doors 27120/Door 6 162,720
Roof and Terrace Doors 27120/Door 3 81,360
Aluminium Room Windows 20340/Window 6 122,040
Aluminium Bathroom Windows 13560/Window 4 54,240
Metal Works
Staircase and Terrace Railing 1605/Rft. 60 96,300
Main Gate 132500/Unit 1 132,500
Wardrobes & Cabinets
Wardrobes 78000/Unit 3 234,000
Kitchen Cabinets 108000/Unit 2 216,000
Fittings & Fixtures
Kitchen Sink 13500/Sink 2 27,000
Sink Mixer 11300/Mixer 2 22,600
Gully Trap Chamber 3249/Unit 2 6,498
Water Closet 21696/Unit 4 86,784
Vanity Basin 13575/Basin 4 54,300
Basin Mixer 12200/Mixer 4 48,800
Muslim Shower 2830/Unit 4 11,320
Shower Set 36160/Unit 4 144,640
Toilet Paper Holder 1356/Unit 4 5,424
Beveled Edge Mirror 7040/Mirror 4 28,160
Soap Dish 1083/Dish 6 6,498
Geyser & Manhole
Geyser 32500/Unit 1 32,500
Manhole 5445/Unit 2 10,890

Listed below are among the cons of the chokhat: 

10 Marla House Construction cost in Pakistan

The cost of constructing a 10-marla house in Pakistan is higher than that of a 5-marla house. The estimated cost for building a ten-Marla house in Pakistan is around PKR 45-60 lakh. The price includes the construction material, labour, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

The ten Marla house design options include single-story and double-story houses. The construction of a 10-Marla house in Pakistan requires a detailed house map and plan approved by the relevant authorities. 

For 10 Marla houses, the expenditure on the building is almost the same as 5 Marla, but its plan and layouts decide how the expenses are cut. However, in general, the cost is double for ten Marla houses.

10 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan

If you want to build a double-storey house on a ten-Marla plot, the estimated cost is around PKR 55-70 lakh. The ten-Marla house design includes a detailed plan for the first and second floors and the staircase design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel bars made of mild or deformed steel are commonly used in constructing 5-marla houses in Pakistan, depending on the design and specifications. 

Lahore’s premium material grey structure rate is PKR 2.18 thousand per square foot. 

When constructing an 8-marla property in Pakistan, one can save costs by using locally sourced materials, opting for a simple design with minimal waste and labour expenses, negotiating prices with contractors and suppliers, and avoiding costly finishes and fittings. 


The  house construction cost in Pakistan is a hefty sum for anyone to invest, but it can be made easier with proper planning, research, and budgeting. It is essential to consider various factors such as location, design, construction material, and labour costs to ensure the project is completed within the budget and on time.  

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