Brick Rates in Pakistan - Current Price
Based on Quality and Type

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Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

When discussing house construction, the first thing discussed is the brick rate in Pakistan or wherever it is being constructed. Because bricks are the building units of the house. However, the prices of bricks have been quite dynamic owing to the country’s economic condition. Since October 2023, the cost of bricks has been from Rs/ 11 to 14, which still depends on the quality of the bricks. 

Brick Rates in Pakistan

Bricks Category Based on Type and Company

Bricks cost can significantly fluctuate based on numerous factors.  

Brick Rates in Pakistan 2024

The price is notably more budget-friendly in southern Punjab areas, like Lodhran, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, and other nearby areas. 

Brick Categories Based on Quality

The brick rate in Pakistan is mostly for red brick, used primarily for construction purposes. Here is a division of the price and bricks based on the quality: 

Bricks Quality First (Awal) Second (Doem) Third (Khangari)
One Brick PKR 14 PKR 12.5 PKR 11
1000 Brick PKR 1400 PKR 12500 PKR 11000
5000 Brick PKR 70000 PKR 62500 PKR 55000

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Besides that, brick divisions are based on their usage in the industry. These are: 

  • Engineering Bricks 
  • Concrete Bricks 
  • Burnt Clay Bricks 
  • Fly Ask Clay Bricks 

Famous Brick Companies

A few famous companies have become the major brick manufacturers and suppliers throughout the country. They control the brick rates in Pakistan based on labour costs, inflation, and economic fluctuations. Among the famous Pakistani brands manufacturing good quality bricks are: 

  • E Trend Pakistan 
  • Zawan Bricks 
  • AB Thekadar and Construction 
  • Keyston PVT Ltd 

Brick Size and Types in Pakistan

The standard size of brick in Pakistan is 

  • Length = 9 inches 
  • Width = 4 inches 
  • Height = 3 inches 

Types of Bricks

Some types of bricks primarily used in the construction of houses or buildings in Pakistan include the following: 

  • Tassu: It is thin in height but the same width as in commonly used bricks. It is ideally used in roof-making for TR & Gardar type of roof.  
  • Brick Tile: This common brick type is thin in height and large in width. Every construction company uses this type of brick. 
  • Rora Brick: This is a broken form of standard brick used in floor construction. 

Pros and Cons of Using Bricks Instead of Blocks in Pakistan

Bricks have a bundle of advantages and disadvantages that define their usage in Pakistan. Below, you will find some significant pros and cons of using bricks instead of blocks: 

Pros of Using Bricks

  • They are cost-effective and can be bought more for the same price as blocks. 
  • They are best for small-scale buildings or residential apartments. 
  • You can quickly move them even if bought in large amounts. 
  • They can be easily cut using the right tools. 

Cons of Bricks Usage

  • Bricks are not compatible with more significant buildings and plazas. 
  • They will not be effective for big houses

Brick Rates in Pakistan's Different Cities

Brick rates in Pakistan currently vary in every city. Take a look at the table below: 

City Price for 1 Brick (PKR)
Lahore 14
Islamabad 15
Multan 15
Gujrat 12
Gujranwala 13
Sakar 12
Mandi Bhawalnagar 12
Faisalabad 14
Rawalpindi 15
Sialkot 13
Sahiwal 14
Bahawalpur 13
Jhang 12
Rahim Yar Khan 13
Sheikhupura 12
Sargodha 13
Kasur 12
Okara 13
Dera Ghazi Khan 14
Mianwali 13
Attock 14
Peshawar 15
Abbottabad 14
Mardan 14
Nowshera 13
Swat 13
Mingora 14
Kohat 14
Bannu 13
Dera Ismail Khan 13
Haripur 12
Mansehra 13
Chakwal 12
Khushab 12
Hafizabad 12
Bhakkar 12
Khanewal 12
Toba Tek Singh 13
Vehari 12
Chiniot 13

Frequently Asked Questions

The price is variable. Usually, it starts from PKR 11 and goes up to PKR 17, depending on the type and quality of the brick. 

One hundred bricks of standard size or blocks can be produced from a 50 kg cement bag. 

Final Words

Brick rates in Pakistan have been fluctuating due to the economic crisis. This article lists the latest prices offered by the companies and manufacturers in Pakistan, along with their quality and types, all subject to changes in time.

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