Can Foreigner Buy Property in Pakistan 2024 - An
Investment Opportunity Open Call?

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Written by: Neelam Shahzadi
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Reviewed by: Majid Hussain

Pakistan’s real estate has shown long-term plan growth and, simultaneously, has answered the question that has concerned many overseas investors, Can foreigners buy property in Pakistan?” The good news is they can. Pakistan’s real estate market invites all kinds of investors to buy a property in the country and develop it into a more advanced commercial market.  

The Pakistani government has allowed foreigners to own property, but the process may not be as simple as expected. The government has made some strides to make this process transparent and smooth, yet there are some restrictions that foreigners need to be aware of before getting their hands on the process.  

can foreigner buy property in pakistan

How Can Foreigners Buy Property in Pakistan?

Buying a property involves a couple of crucial steps before you can own it under your name, and the same goes for foreigners, but with a few differences.

Search For Property Type

In Pakistan, foreigners are allowed to buy property except for agricultural land unless it is for industrial purposes

Can Foreigners Buy property in Pakistan 2024

Verify The Legal Status

After completing the search for the property type, the next step is to verify its legal status. This includes checking the title deed, confirming the seller’s ownership, and ensuring it is free from disputes.  

Payment For the Property

After verifying the legal status of the property you are interested in, pay for it after negotiating your price. In Pakistan, the common method of payment is cash.

Ownership Transfer

The final step in purchasing the property is transferring the ownership, which involves signing the sales deed in the registrar’s presence

Why Should Foreigners Buy Property in Pakistan?

According to international experts, Pakistan’s real estate is predicted to boom in the next 5 years. Here are some of the reasons why foreigners should buy properties in Pakistan: 

High Returns

Pakistan’s real estate market is showing relevant growth any investors need to gain returns from their investments. The market has been booming and is asking investors to invest for lucrative returns.

Options Range

With diverse options, Pakistan real estate presents luxury villas in gated communities with commercial properties in bustling cities. Investors have various investment options for getting lucrative returns in the near future 

Easy and Transparent Process

As mentioned earlier, the government has tried making property buying for foreigners as easy and transparent as possible.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreigners can buy property in Pakistan by verifying its legal status and meeting the current requirements for ownership as stated by the government.  

For foreigners, buying agricultural land is restricted unless it is for industrial purposes. However, other legal restrictions limit foreigners from buying properties in Pakistan.  

Though power of attorney can assist you with buying property without visiting Pakistan, it is strongly recommended that you are physically available to see through the procedure of transferring property ownership 

Foreigners can buy property in Pakistan besides a few restrictions on some lands and properties. Apart from that, residential and commercial properties are available to invest in, rent or lease, repatriate the revenue to their accounts, or use as needed 

Buying a property in Pakistan will turn to be very lucrative in the long run. Be sure to proceed with a legal advisor or real estate agent. Legend Properties is here to assist foreign and local investors with investing in Pakistan. Contact us for more information!

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