Top Real Estate Companies in Canada 

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Canada’s beauty and luxurious living standards makes it a very appealing country to live in. Good thing is that there are bundles of top real estate companies in Canada that you can look up for property dealings and consultations, ultimately helping you find the best property in the area. 

This article lists the top real estate companies in Canada that you can work with to find the best living location for you and your loved ones.  

Top Real Estate Companies in Canada

10 Top Real Estate Companies in Canada

The top real estate companies in Canada work to provide you with exceptional services and the best offers that meet your demands and standards. These firms are renowned for their commitment to sustainability, design innovation, quality construction, and excellent client experiences. Their expertise and experience help clients find the best living locations that meet their demands and standards. 

  • Concord Pacific 
  • Onni Group 
  • Westbank Corp 
  • West Corp Property Management Inc 
  • Berkley Property Management 
  • The Daniels Corporation 
  • First Service Corporation 
  • Mattamy Homes 
  • CBRE 
  • JLL 

Concord Pacific

Established by Terry Hui, Concord Pacific is one of the country’s leading real estate companies today, making a good name in the industry even overseas. 

Concord has built more than 150 apartments plus mixed-use complexes, with another 50 in different phases of development. Its headquarters in Vancouver has multiple assets associated with telecommunications, solar energy, renewal energy, and similar technologies, promoting sustainability in every project. 

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Canada

Concord Pacific constructs per the latest sustainability requirements and conduct various green energy programs. 

Onni Group

Among Toronto real estate companies, Onni Group has been on the list of top real estate agencies in the country for 56 years. Furthermore, the company is famous for its top-notch commercial properties and condo homes. To date, it has developed 15,000 plus dwellings. 

Onni owns real estate properties in several parts of North America, especially Ontario. Besides Vancouver, it has offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, British Columbia, Toronto, and other areas. 

This real estate developer credits its vision to create world-class urban towns with great design, creativity, and sustainability. In addition, to lessen the environmental impact of their property, they adopt green architecture principles, energy-efficient equipment, and native materials. Thus, their local knowledge and diverse team take care of these excellent assets. 

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Westbank Corp

From the list of top real estate companies in Canada, Westbank Corp has a global presence. Westbank Corp has made a market cap of 50 million dollars since its establishment in 1992, boasting both housing and commercial towers. The firm is still currently developing its reputation in the commercial field by building condo properties in Calgary. 

Westbank Corp is known for its artistic approach to property design and management. They have worked on several carbon-neutral and LEED-accredited buildings, earning praise from clients for their outstanding work. 

Westcorp Property Management Inc

Westcorp is a Canadian investment trust specialising in commercial real estate assets. The company offers development and brokerage services for retail, hospitality, and residential markets in addition to its office business. 

Westcorp Property Management has improved its services and has achieved a spot on the list of supreme real estate companies in Canada after 35 years of experience in understanding the needs of real estate occupiers. 

Berkley Property Management

Berkley Property Management is a reputable real estate management company based in Toronto, Canada. The company has provided exceptional property management services since its inception in 1974, as well as leasing, tenant relations, maintenance, and accounting services. 

The company has a vast portfolio of rental properties, including residential apartments, townhouses, and commercial properties in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Berkley Property Management’s primary focus is to provide top-notch customer service to all their clients, which has earned them the trust of many landlords and property owners in Canada. 

Berkley Property Management has a team of experienced professionals committed to providing high-quality services, including property marketing and legal guidance.  

Real Estate Companies in Canada

The Daniels Corporation

The real estate company based in Toronto is well acquainted with Canadian property investors. The Daniels is known for crafting single-family homes, condo developments, and commercial assets. 

This reputable company has established a significant presence in Toronto, Brampton, Thornhill, and Mississauga, Canada. Each community is dedicated to innovative design, quality construction, and positive social impact. Additionally, all its developments prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

First Service Corporation

First Service has been Canada’s reliable real estate services provider for over two decades. Their commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences has contributed to their continued growth and outstanding reputation. 

The company’s customer service quality undoubtedly makes its clients feel they are most valued, as they maintain personalised sales approach, helping them generate significant profits year after year. 

Mattamy Homes

Mattamy is one of the market’s most profitable privately held home development firms. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and owns housing assets throughout the GTA, Calgary, and some parts of the United States. With over 2000 employees, it generated over $4.4 billion from selling more than 8,200 homes in 2021. 

Mattamy is dedicated to environmentally friendly homes and promotes using smart technologies and green building materials. Additionally, the company offers home-buying services in various areas of Canada. 


CBRE, which stands for Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, is a globally recognised real estate firm that operates in over 100 countries. With more than 2,200 employees working across 22 offices in Canada, CBRE is one of the top real estate agencies in the country.  

The company offers various services, including leasing, sales, property management, investment management, valuation, and advisory services for commercial properties. From office buildings to industrial warehouses, retail stores, hotels, and multifamily properties, CBRE has a diverse portfolio. 

top 50 Real Estate Companies in Canada

CBRE’s data-driven insights and analytics enable clients to make informed decisions about their real estate investments. 

CBRE is on the Fortune 500 and offers excellent continuing education support. The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional services has helped maintain its trustworthy reputation in the Canadian real estate industry. 


JLL, which stands for Jones Lang LaSalle, is a renowned commercial real estate services company with a presence in over 80 countries worldwide. In Canada, JLL is a well-established company with a strong presence in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. They offer various services, including property leasing, sales, management, investment, project management, and strategic consulting.  

JLL has a diverse portfolio encompassing various properties, such as office buildings, industrial warehouses, retail spaces, hotels, and multifamily properties. They are also known for their commitment to sustainability and green building practices and have developed several award-winning green buildings.  

With a team of experienced professionals, JLL provides exceptional, customised client services. Their extensive market knowledge and expertise help clients make informed decisions about their real estate investments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Royal LePage Atlantic is Canada’s largest real estate company with a proven history of offering clients the property they need. 

Real estate, mining, and manufacturing are the three biggest industries in Canada. 

Canada’s real estate market is expected to reach US $8.19tn in 2024. The residential real estate is expected to hold US $ 6.25 trillion in the same year.  


Canada boasts some of the best real estate companies that offer top-notch services. From Concord Pacific to The Daniels Corporation, these companies are committed to providing their clients with the best living locations that meet their demands and standards. They are renowned for their expertise, experience, sustainability, design innovation, quality construction, and excellent client experiences.  

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